Friday, June 30, 2017

July 2017 Shortwave Listening Logs

ALASKA KNLS, Anchor Point, 11765 in English at 1438 with “muddy” audio and QRM from RHC-11760. (Cooper, PA) 2139 in Arabic with Holy Qur’an. (Sellers, ON)

ALGERIARadio Algerienne, 9655 via France at 2120 with Man reciting Qur’an. (Cooper, PA)

ANGOLARadio Nacional, 4949.7-Mulvenos at 0207 with male DJ in Portuguese. (Cooper, PA) (p) 0334 with a discussion program by several men. (D’Angelo, PA) 0508 ending news headlines in Portuguese, fanfare at 0513, ID and more canned announcements. (Valko, PA)

ASCENSION—BBC, 6005 at 0500 with news also 9440 at 0311 and 12095 at 0425. (Padazopulos, Greece) 9915 at 2150 woman telling story of a woman in another culture, 9490 at 2134 in Bambara with news, audio clips. (Sellers, BC) 11810 at 2114 with World Service ID and announcements. (D’Angelo, PA) 12085 at 2005 with man doing live news reports. (Cooper, PA) 15105 at 1951 with news in Hausa. (Brossell, WI)

AUSTRALIA—Reach Beyond Australia, 9720-Kunnunura with contemporary Christian music at 1338, a Words For Women inspirational talk and a Chicago address, ID, email, followed by another evangelical program with an Aussie-accented announcer. (Taylor, WI)

AUSTRIAAdventist World Radio, 11880 via Moosbrunn at 2010 with man speaking in Dyula language with piano, AWR ID and address. (Cooper, PA)

BOTSWANAVOA Relay, Mopeng Hill, 4930 at 0404 with a talk on an FBI investigation. (KB2DMD, PA) 0435 and 6080 with news at 0304 and 15580 at 0435 and 0635. (Padazopulos, Greece) 6195 at 2140 with woman speaking in English with pop music. (Cooper, PA) 15580 on Islamic terrorism at 1817. (Brossell, WI)

BRAZIL(All in Portuguese, –GLD)
Radio Difusora Roraima, Boa Vista, 4875 at 0140 with male DJ and vocals. (Cooper, PA) 0346 with Brazil pops, closing announcements at 0357 and choral anthem. (D’Angelo, PA)
Radio Clube do Para, Belem, 4885 at 0147 with male DJ, later woman speaker. (Cooper, PA) 0401 with a ballad. (KB2DMD, PA)
Radio Educacao Rural, Tefe, 4925.2 at 0201 with man reading news headlines. (Cooper, PA) 0217 with Brazilian vocals going past listed *0230, but may have gone off by 0300. (D’Angelo, PA)
Voz Missionaria, Camborio, 9665 at 0022 and man giving long religious talk, vocal, ID, and announcements. (D’Angelo, PA)
Super Radio Deus e Amor, Curitiba, 11765 at 0217 with 2 men talking back and forth with seeming crowd noise in background. (Cooper, PA) 0240-0308 with loud preaching by man. (D’Angelo, PA) 2222 ending song and mentioning “SRDA.” (Taylor, WI)
Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, 11856, way off frequency for the past five days. Rosary recital at 0730, soft music, woman hosting program followed by more Rosary at 0736. (Valko, PA)
Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, 11780 with ID, followed by news at 1100. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Brazil Central, Goiania, 11815 at 0104 with male announcer and Brazil pops. (D’Angelo, PA) 2335, female vocals, male DJ and another song. (Cooper, PA)

CANADACFRX, Toronto, 6070 at 0120 with several ads, News Talk 1010 ID, followed by news item. (Cooper, PA)
CKZN, St. John’s (Newfoundland), 6160 at 0017 with man doing an interview. (Cooper, PA)
CFVP, Calgary, 6030 with comedian at 2227, ID at 2228, “Canada’s all-new Funny 1060 AM.” (Sellers, BC)

CHINAChina Radio International, 6020 via Albania with English news at 0105, 13790 at 1522 with woman interviewing another. (Cooper, PA) 7410-Jinhua with talks in (l) Tagalog at 1131, 9890-Beijing in Russian at 1124. (Brossell, WI) 9730-Urumqi in English at 1542, 17730-Xi’an and 17855-Beijing with financial analysis at 0450. (Padazopulos, Greece)
China National Radio-17, 9630 at 1203 in Kazakh with theme-like music and male/female announcers, then Central Asian music and male announcer. (Taylor, WI) 11635-Beijing at 2247, seeming to jam RTI. (D’Angelo, PA)
Xizang PBS, 6025 via Lhasa (Tibet), at 2338, male announcer, later woman talking. (Cooper, PA)
Nei Menggu PBS, (p) Hot Hot on 9520 in Mandarin at 1146, women speaking with mellow instrumental music, then long talk by man. (Taylor, WI)

COLOMBIAAlcaravan Radio, Puerto Lleras, 5910 at 0332-0407 with vocals, man with long Spanish talk. Nice ID at 0400 before group vocals. (D’Angelo, PA) 0520 with canned ID/promo between lively LA songs. (Valko, PA) 2355 in Spanish with lively Spanish song. Was QRM’d from 5920. (Cooper, PA)
La Voz de tu Concencia, Puerto Lleras, 6010 at 0346 with long Spanish talk, 0400 ID, announcements and some music. (D’Angelo, PA) 0522 ending pop song and soft LA piece, woman giving canned ID between. (Valko, PA)

CUBARadio Havana Cuba, 5040-Bauta with news in Spanish at 0308 and 6000-Quivican at 0302 with news in English. (Padazopulos, Greece) 11840 with clips from an Spanish speech and woman’s comments, 11880 at 2115 in French with announcer giving contact info. (Sellers, BC) 15730 (t) at 2340 in Spanish with male/female announcers mentioning Cuba. (Cooper, PA)
Radio Rebelde, 5025-Bauta at 0440 with Spanish music. (Padazopulos, Greece)

ECUADORHCJB, 6050-Pichincha at 0110 in Spanish song by several women, man with several station IDs. (Cooper, PA) 0219 with man speaking in Spanish, woman giving ID at 0229, time pips at 0230, carrier went off during the next song. (D’Angelo, PA)

EGYPTRadio Cairo, 9800-Abis at 2152 with local music then woman talking, bells at 2204 followed by ID and woman with next feature. (D’Angelo, PA)

ENGLANDBBC, 7445 via Oman at 0150, man speaking to another. (Cooper, PA) 9915-Woofferton at 1806 with news in English. (KB2DMD, PA) 15180-Woofferton in French at 1806. (Brossell, WI)

FRANCERadio France International, 9790-Issoudun with French commentary at 0445. (Padazopulos, Greece) 2145 with commentary in French. (Sellers, BC)

GERMANYDeutsche Welle, 9830 via Sao Tome in Hausa at 1335, 15275 via France in Hausa at 1814. (Brossell, WI)

GREECEVoice of Greece, 9420-Avlis in Greek at 0155 with classical music and male announcer. Several time pips at 0200, ID, and news. (Cooper, PA) 9935-Avlis in Greek at 2310. (Brossell, WI)

GUAMKTWR, 9910 in Mandarin at 1122. (Brossell, WI)

GUATAMALA—Radio Verdad, Chiquimula, 4055 at 0135 in Spanish with organ music, ID by man at 0136. (Cooper, PA) 1118 with hymns. (Brossell, WI)

INDIAAll India Radio, 9380-Benglaluru, at 1936 in English with Hindi-style music and vocals. (Cooper, PA)

IRAN9550-Sirjan, signing off at 0255. (Padazopulos, Greece)

JAPANNHK Radio Japan, 6105 via France at 0310 with news and 9490 via Germany at 0445, both in Japanese. (Padazopulos, Greece) 0343-0421 with two men speaking in Japanese, program ended at 0358, followed by instrumental music, ID, 3 +1 time pips, another ID then news/sports. (D’Angelo, PA) 11740 (p) via Singapore at 1450 in Burmese. (Cooper, PA)

MADAGASCARMadagascar World Voice, 11610 at 2115 in Chincese, male announcer giving long monologue, brief music segment, woman speaker. (Cooper, PA) Talks in Mandarin at 2110. (Brossell, WI)
World Christian Broadcasting, 9490 in Chinese at 2203 playing a US pop number, male announcer. (Sellers, BC)

MEXICORadio Educacion, Mexico DF, 6165 at 0132 with man speaking over instrumental music. (Cooper, PA) 0417 with ranchero music, woman speaking in Spanish at 0454. Dead air from 0503 to at least 0507. Gone at 0518 recheck. (Valko, PA)

MOROCCORadio Medi Un, Nador, 9575 at 2319 in Arabic, two men talking, woman later. (Cooper, PA) 2332 with discussion in Arabic, woman giving ID and announcements at 2358, CRI opened on 9570 at 0000. (D’Angelo, PA)

NORTH KOREAVoice of Korea, 9650-Kujang at 1212 in Japanese, woman with DPRK-style opera music and short announcements between songs. (Taylor, WI) 13790 at 2221 with a choir, English listed at this time. (Sellers, BC) 15245 at 1330 with IS, ID, anthem, followed by news in English. (Brossell, WI)

OPPOSITION—Radio Tamazuj, 15150 (via Madagascar to Sudan), with talks in Arabic at 1506. (Brossell, WI)
Voice of the People (South Korea to North), 3480 at 1010 with man speaking in Korean. (KB2DMD, PA)

PHILIPPINES—Radio Veritas Asia, 9795 at 2305 in (p) Mon, song, male announcer, 15355-Palauig at 2315 in Filipino, two woman in long talk, followed by ID. Off the air at 2327, 15620 via Vatican at 1509 with man/woman speaking in Filipino, light instrumental music.(Cooper, PA) 11945 at 1116 with talks in Mandarin. (Brossell, WI)

PIRATES—Radio Free Whatever, 6940 at 0037 with an ID, talk about drinking beer. ID by both announcers at 0041. (Cooper, PA) 6945u at 0001 with “Dick Weed” and program of obscene rock, IDs, and commentary from “the bunker.” (Taylor, WI) 6950u at 0028 with DJ Dick Weed and various pop things. RFW was on at the same time as Wolverine, so, sorry Mr. Weed. (Hassig, IL) 2344 with Dick Weed saying he’s not shocked by anything but does have problems with the internet. Had music at random checks later. Off about 0230. (Taylor, WI)
Wolverine Radio, 6935u at 0011 with “Testing 1-2-3, anybody listening?” then start of program with a foxtrot, early jazz and an ID. SSTV of hula dancers at close. (Taylor, WI) 6940u at 0033 with wide variety of songs with the word “good” in them, 6950 at 0056 (Hassig, IL) 6955 at 0027 as 6935 log, also numbers with the word “rock” in them. (Taylor, WI) 6960 “Whispery Wolverine Radio” at 0048 with several Neil Young songs and a whispered ID at end. (Taylor, WI)
Liquid Radio, 6925 at 0148 but at poor strength, ID from HFU. (Hassig, IL) 0155 with contemporary dance music, ID eventually and off about 0200. 2349 with several minutes of carrier, started contemporary dance things until ID at 0000. (Taylor, WI) 9655 at 2353 with segued rock, jammed by CW and SSTV. Also WMPR was jostled for awhile. Jammer might have been Pee Wee Radio. (Taylor, WI)
XLR8, 6955u at 0105 with various rock things, “XLR8” ID. (Hassig, IL)
Radio Illuminati, 6930 at 2347 with atmospheric instrumentals and a variety of songs. Off about 0200. (Taylor, WI)
KIPM, 6950 at 0237 with increasing tones and electronic music and a monologue. (Taylor, WI)
KDST, 6935u at 0202 with audio from that classic rock station including parody ads, ID. (Taylor, WI)
Pee Wee Radio, 6930u at 0125 with heavy metal. (Hassig, IL) 6936 at 0057 with Marvin the Martian cartoons, atmospheric music, SSTV ID, couple of IDs and songs, and off. 6950u at 0136 with blues, “Pee Wee was here” on CW, then rock. 6955 at 0217 with instructions on playing slide guitar. Pee Wee Radio CW ID. (Taylor, WI)
Captain Morgan, 6939.4 at 0111 but weak with a slight het from or carrier hum. (Hassig, IL) 6950 at 0157 with classically-oriented violin/organ, 2 IDs and another instrumental. Off in mid-sentence at 0212. (Taylor, WI)
Cool AM Radio, 6850 at 2355 with rock/pop, several IDs with “Pirates for Peace” song. Off at 0030. (Cooper, PA) 6875 at 0015 with presumed relay of a Euro pirate. Instrumental music, rock, long guitar solo. (Taylor, WI)
WMPR, 6955 at 0144 came on over XLR8 with “WMPR Dance Party.” (Taylor, WI)
Amphetamine Radio at 2348 with shout outs to other pirates on the air at that time, had an intruder in CW. And going off at 0019, then off at 0020 after NA. (Taylor, WI)
Radio Free Mars, 6950 at 0058 with hard rock and other types, man talking about sexual performance, more rock, phone call and clear ID at 0120. (Taylor, WI) 0124 with “Space Oddity” by David Bowie, several IDs. (Cooper, PA)
Pirate Radio Boston, 6876 at 0006 playing tribute to J. Giles band, ID at 0015 with gmail address. “Charlie Loudenboomer” as the DJ gave the ID. (Cooper, PA)
Radio Eyeball, 6935u at 2346 ending a skit, ID and gmail address, something about radio broadcasts, then what sounded like an old World Series broadcast. (Taylor, WI)
ex-YHWH, 7615 very poor and buried under a ton of static at 0334. ID from HFU. (Hassig, IL) 0509 with usual mentions of Yaweh. Program ended at 0510, back 10 minutes later, more dead air from just before 0515. (Valko, PA)

ROMANIARadio Romania International, 7330-Galbeni with commentary in Romanian at 0445, 7345-Tiganesti at 0635 with English news. (Padazopulos, Greece) 7375-Gilbeni at 0040 with Listeners Corner. (Cooper, PA) 9760 at 2201 with man speaking and program lineup in English, then news. (Sellers, BC) 15450 in Spanish at 1919. (Brossell, WI)

SAUDI ARABIABSKSA, 11915-Ridyah at 2148-2201* with Qur’an recitations, followed by what sounded like news. More recitations at 2200, brief Arabic talk then off. (D’Angelo, PA) 15435-Riyadh at 1735 with woman talking between music bridges, later woman phone in. (Cooper, PA)

SINGAPORE—BBC-Far East Relay, 11995 at 1430 with ID by woman, news reports, later woman inerviewing,15285 at 1123 with commentary on the Trump administration. (Brossell, WI)

SOLOMON ISLANDSSIBC, 5020 with apparent news at 1132. QRM from Brother Stair-5015 and Rebelde-5025. (Brossell, WI)

SOUTH AFRICAChannel Africa, 5980-Meyerton at 0320 with man/woman speaking, English features, and IDs. (D’Angelo, PA) 15660 at 1503 with rap-style religious song, later woman mentions “Channel Africa,” then off briefly. (Cooper, PA)
Radio Sonder Grense, 3320-Meyerton at 0102 in Afrikaans; woman singer almost classical/operatic, male announcer playing another classical piece. (Cooper, PA)

SOUTH KOREAKBS World Radio, 15360 via Woofferton at 1817 with Russian talks. (Brossell, WI)

SPAINRadio Exterior de Espana, 15520-Nobeljas with live soccer in Spanish at 1820. (Padazopulos, Greece) 15500 with live sports coverage in Spanish at 1820. (Brossell, WI)) 17855 at 1955 with soccer coverage. (Cooper, PA)

SWEDENIBRA Radio, 11875 via Woofferton with talks in (l) Fulani at 1922. (Brossell, WI) 1936-1959* with man/woman speaking in some African language, several IDs at 1944. (D’Angelo, PA)

SWAZILANDTrans World Radio, 3240-Manzini, at 0303 with talks in (l) Shona and group vocals. (D’Angelo, PA)

TAIWANRadio Taiwan International, 11915 at 1120 with talks in Mandarin. (Brossell, WI)

THAILAND5875 with talks in (l) Khmer at 1126. (Brossell, WI)

TURKEY—Voice of Turkey, 9830 signing on at 2200 in English, music, time pips, fanfare, and announcements. (Sellers, BC) 15450-Emirler at 1315 in English. ID at 1323 then off the air at 1324. (Cooper, PA)

UNITED STATES—Voice of America, 9845-Philippine Relay in Mandarin at 1125, 15590-Thailand Relay in Mandarin at 1328 suffering from Chinese jamming. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 15090-Biblis Relay in Pashto at 0450. (Padazopulos, Greece)
Radio Free Asia, 15275 via Tajikistan in listed Tibetan at 1336, 15570 Northern Marianas Relay in Mandarin at 2313. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Farda, 5860 via Kuwait at 2355 in Farsi, ID at 2338. (Cooper, PA) 12005 via Woofferton, at 1529 with interviews in Farsi. Time pips at 1530. (Cooper, PA)
Radio Marti, 6030-Greenville in Spanish at 0440. (Padazopulos, Greece)
Afia Darfur Radio, 5925 via Vatican at 0312-0329* with Arabic discussion, some instrumental music, another discussion by several women. (D’Angelo, PA) 9775 via Vatican at 1925 in Arabic/Sudanese. Male vocal, man later woman talking. Off at 1930. (Cooper, PA) 15620 via Vatican in Arabic at 1820. (Brossell, WI)
Adventist World Radio, 6155 via Germany at 0440 in French at 0445. (Padazopulos, Greece) 15480 via Madagascar in Arabic at 1943. (Brossell, WI)
WRMI, Miami, 9455nf at 0104 with, rock/pop, ID. // 9395. (Taylor, WI) 11580-Okechobee at 2305 with Jeff White hosting Viva Miami program. 2315 Moments in Bible Prophesy program. (D’Angelo, PA)
WWCR, 5935-Nashville signing off at 0258. (Padazopulos, Greece)
WEWN, 5810-Vandiver with Spanish comments at 0440. (Padazopulos, Greece)

VATICANVatican Radio, 9660 with English comments at 0640. (Padazopulos, Greece) 15570 with an ID in Portuguese at 1815. (Brossell, WI)

MAN HUGS, HIGH FIVES AND BACK SLAPS to the following good guys who did the good thing this time: William Hassig, Mt. Peasant, IL; Mark Taylor, Madison, WI; Rich D’Angelo, Wyomissing, PA; Ralph Perry, Wheaton, IL; Chuck Ripple, Chesapeake, VA; Richard Parker, Pennsburg, PA; Dave Valko, Dunlop, PA; Fotios Padazopulos, Athens, Greece; Bob Brossell, Pewaukee, WI; Harold Sellers, Vernon, BC; and John Figliozzi, Clifton Park, NY.

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