Friday, December 1, 2017

December 2017 Shortwave Listening Logs

ALASKAKNLS, 11610 via Madagascar with man speaking in Mandarin at 2145. (Brossell, WI)

ALGERIARadio Algerienne, 6155 via France in Arabic at 2139. (Brossell, WI)

ANGOLARadio Nacional, 4949.7-Mulvenos, in Portuguese at 0035 with instrumental male vocal, several more with announcer in between. (Cooper, PA)

ARGENTINARadio Argentina al Exterior, 15345, Gral Pacheco, with man speaking in Spanish at 2108. (Brossell, WI)

ASCENSION—BBC-South Atlantic Relay, 6135 with HOA music at 0450. (KB2DMD, PA) 17840 on U.S. positions on trade between China and Europe. (Brossell, WI)

AUSTRALIA—Reach Beyond, 9720, Kununurra, with carrier on at 1300 and a welcome, ID, mention of “life changing radio,” then into a Bible program. (Sellers, BC) (p) 1317 with a hymn then into a sermon in English. (Taylor, WI) 12095 at 2030 with woman reading news headlines, then man with more details. (Cooper, PA)

AUSTRIARadio Austria International, 6155, Moosbrunn with a German instrumental medley at 0458 sign on. (KBDMD, PA)
Adventist World Radio, 11955, Moosbrunn with instrumentals at 1912 and man speaking in Hausa. IDs at 1930, program close, then into Tachelhit. The later segment was via Nauen. (D’Angelo, PA)

BOTSWANAVOA Relay, 15580 at 0328 with woman speaking in English and hurricane news and other features. (D’Angelo, PA) 1615 on the Congolese Hutu rebel group. (Brossell, WI) 2100 with man reading news headlines. (Cooper, PA)

Radio Club do Para, Belem, 4885 at 0045 with male DJ and several female singers. (Cooper, PA)
Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, 9665 at 0008 with man talking, followed by a nice music program. (D’Angelo, PA) 0235 with extended talk using reverb. (Strawman, IA)
Radio Evangelizar, Caritiba, 6040 (p) at 0031 with male announcer and light music. (Taylor, WI) 9725 at 0404 with vocals and male announcer. Nearly // with web stream. Shortwave broadcast was slightly delayed. (D’Angelo, PA)
Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, 6135 at 0044, with man in lengthy talk //9820. Unusual for me to hear both channels at the same time. (Taylor, WI)

CHINAChina Radio International, 5960 via Albania in English with pop song, male/female announcers on reaching the age of 18. (Cooper, PA) 7440, Jinhua in possible Japanese at 2208; 7445, Urumqui in possible Hungarian at 2154; 9415, Beijing at 2330 in Vietnamese; and 11820, X’ian in Cantonese at 0008. (Brossell, WI)
CPBS/China National Radio, 6125, Shijiazhuang in Mandarin at 2310. (Brossell, WI) CNR-5, 5925 at 1020 with man reading news items. Music and ID at 1030. (Cooper, PA) CNR-1, 7240, Lhasa (Tibet) in Mandarin at 2350, male/female announcers; 0000 music, female announcer with ID. (Cooper, PA) 7420, Nei Menggu PBS, in Mandarin, poor with an interview, CNR-8-Beijing at 2331 in Mandarin, 2 female and 1 male announcer. (Taylor, WI)
PBS, Xinjiang (p) 7340, Urumqi at 0358 with nice jazz, woman talking, then an abrupt sign off. (KB2DMD, PA)
PBS, Xinning, 9780, Quinhai at 2350 with male/female. 5+1 time pips and ID at 0000. (Taylor, WI)
PBS, Xizang (Tibet) 6130 at 0040 in Tibetan with short song and male/female announcers. (Taylor, WI)
Beibu Bay Radio, 9820 at 1032, with a pretty ragged signal, there seemed a het from the Brazilian from 1100. Beibu Bay had a mix of pops and Chinese. (Delibert, MA)
Firedrake jammer, 6105 at 1040; both this and CNR-1 jamming Radio Taiwan Intl. First time I’ve heard both simultaneously. (Cooper, PA)

COLOMBIAAlcaravan Radio, 5910 at 0248 in Spanish with a possible religious talk. (Strawman, IA) 0330, ID at 0404 followed by music with man giving long religious talk in Spanish.(D’Angelo, PA ) A Spanish call-in program at 0511. (KB2DMD, PA)

ECUADORHCJB-Pinchincha, 6050 in Quechua at 1015 with traditional-sounding song by several female singers, man talking over instrumental music, then talk about Quito and an ID. (p) at 0038 in possible Wao, man with slow talk. 7365, Weenermoo in German at 1223. (Taylor, WI) HCJB/Radio Akhbar Mufriha, 9530 in Pulaar at 2155, man with light instrumental music. (Cooper, PA)

EGYPTRadio Cairo, 9780, Abis at 2133 with English ID, woman reading headlines, talk about immigrants and the Italian Coast Guard. (Cooper, PA)

ENGLANDBBC, 5875, Woofferton in Arabic at 0339 with woman interviewing man on phone. (KB2DMD.PA) 7445 via Meyerton with English features, WS ID and program previews at 0429. (D’Angelo, PA) 15490 via Madagascar at 1555 with interview and sports scores, ID at 1559 by talk by man/woman. (Cooper, PA)

FRANCERadio France International, 17630, Issoudun at 1851 with talks in French. (KB2DMD, PA)

GERMANYDeutsche Welle, 15275 via France with talks in possible Amharic at 1637. (Brossell, WI)

GREECEVoice of Greece, 9420 at 0124 with a stringed instrument and talks in Greek. (Strawman, IA) 2122 with Greek songs. (Brossell, WI)

GUATEMALARadIo Verdad, Chiquimula, 4055 with Spanish songs at 2349. (Brossell, WI)

GUINEARadio TV Guineenne, Conakry, 9650 at 2235 with a man speaking in possible French, indigenous pops, and female vocals. (KB2DMD, PA)

INDIAAll India Radio, 9445, Bengaluru with flutes and then ID at 2119. English ID at 2119. (Brossell, WI) 2200 with GOS ID, PM’s challenge to youth to play more sports, comment on self sufficiency in defense. (Cooper, PA)
Vivvidh Bharati Service, 11560, Bengaluru at 1346 in Dari with man and South Asian music. (Taylor, WI)

IRANVOIRI, 7360 at with non-stop Arabic music. Not shown for this time slot. (KB2DMD, PA) In Spanish at 2111. (Brossell, WI) 11640, Sirjan in Russian at 1350. (Taylor, WI)

JAPANRadio Japan, 6090 with IS, time pips at top of the hour and sign-on in Korean at 2059, then off. (Brossell, WI) 9855 via Madagascar with ID in French (Sellers, BC) 11985 via Madagascar in French at 2059. Man giving station ID, several time pips, then off the air. (Cooper, PA)

MADAGASCARAfrican Pathways Radio, Mahajhanga, 17640 at 1828 with program previews, then Creation Moment program in English. (D’Angelo, PA) 1832 with ID. (KB2DMD, PA)

MEXICORadio Educacion, Mexico D.F., 6185 at 0015 with a mariachi band. (Cooper, PA) 0231 with Ranchero music and woman giving announcements. (Strawman, IA) 0440 with modern piano. (Strawman, IA) 0057 with classical piano, then man/woman giving hurricane reports in Spanish. (Wood, MA)

NEW ZEALANDRadio New Zealand International, 7425, Rangataiki at 1055 interviewing Pacifica Fire Fighters, 1100 time pips, and ID. (Cooper, PA) 1308 with domestic news on Dateline Pacific program. (Brossell, WI)

NORTH KOREAVoice of Korea, 9435 with IS, ID by man/woman, IS again at 1331 then sign on in English. (Sellers, BC) 1454 with Qur’an. (Brossell, WI)

OMANRadio Sultanate of Oman, 15140, Thumrait at 1811 with pop things in noise during the eclipse. The signal went from S5-7 to S7-9 during totality, then back down. (Strawman, IA) 2015 competing with RHC in French. Oman was stronger in English with pips and had ID at 2037. (Cooper, PA)

OPPOSITION—Voice of Tibet (Taiwan to China), 7270 at 2300 with chimes at sign on. No jamming heard. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Erena, (via Bulgaria to Eritrea), 11965 with man speaking in Arabic at 1756-1801* instrumental music for a minute before close. (D’Angelo, PA)
Echo of Unification, (p) (North Korea to South), 5905 at 1229 sign on with brief announcement and a repeated music/IS, 1230 with tone and possible anthem, then talk in Korean. (Sellers, BC)
Denge Kurdistan (via France to Turkey), 7350 at 0330 nice domestic music with drums and string instruments, announcements by a man. (Strawman, IA)
Radio Itahuka (via Madagascar to Rwanda), 15420 at 1824-1859* with non-stop talk by man in possible Kirundi. But barely hanging in there and was soon lost. Just heard carrier termination. (D’Angelo, PA)
Republic of Yemen Radio, (Saudi Arabia to Yemen), 11860 at 2100 man speaking in Arabic mentioning Yemen, male vocals. (Cooper, PA)

PHILIPPINESRadio Veritas Asia, 9760, Palaug, in Vietnamese at 2336, ID in psassing with announcers giving address. (Taylor, WI) 15330 via Vatican with talks in Urdu. (Brossell, WI) 15355, Paluig in Filipino at 2305 with male announcer, female speaker at 2327 and off, as scheduled, 15620 via Vatican in Filipino, woman giving station ID at 1535, woman talking, male announcer giving contact address. (Cooper, PA)

PIRATES—Radio Appalachia, 6935 at 0128 with old time bluegrass and gospel things. (Hassig, IL)
Pee Wee Radio, 6930 at 0316 with guitar strumming, singing an X-rated song then an SSTV/FAX R-rated picture. Also, 6951 at 0030 and 6955 at 0132. (Hassig, IL) 2355 with classic pirate radio IDs, part of a Wolverine program, HF Underground IDs, 3-SSTV IDs. Also at 0145. (Taylor, WI)
Wolverine Radio, 6935u at 0144 with variety of things using the word “work.” (Hassig, IL) 6935 at 0035, announcing a test, then into with “around” in the title or lyrics. (Taylor, WI)
Radio Free Whatever, 6935u with DJ at 0009 with DJ and ID, Shout Outs to listeners. (Cooper, PA) 0010 talking about emails, music. There was a parallel relay on 6925. (Hassig, IL)
Clever Name Radio, 6940u at 2336 with mellow instrumental music, 2339 with ID and Gmail address. (Taylor, WI)
Captain Morgan Shortwave, 6950 at 0014 with a blues seque, Twilight Zone theme, more blues, TWZ theme again. Program of music and IDs. Off around 0200. (Taylor, WI)
RFW Dance Party, 5225u at 0200 with DJ Dick Weed. (Hassig, IL)
Live (?) Mic Radio, 6880 at 2145 with segues, several IDs, mellow rock, more IDs. female announcer was very hard to understand. Despite HF Underground’s help, the “Live” part of the ID remains uncertain. (Taylor, WI)

ROMANIARadio Romania International, 7325, Tiganesti at 0128 in French to ECNA with folk things. (Strawman, IA) 2118 in French. (Brossell, WI) 7375, Tiganesti at 0343 with a mailbag program. (KB2DMD, PA) 9730, Tiganesti at 0000 commenting about 9/11 and their support for the U.S. in Afghanistan. (Cooper, PA)

SAO TOME—VOA Relay, Pinheira, 7325 at 0355 with woman speaking in Kinyaranda followed by group vocals, more talk at program close, ID at top of the hour then man/woman talking. (D’Angelo, PA) 12075 in Hausa at 2034. (Brossell, WI)

SAUDI ARABIABSKSA, 13710, Riyadh with Qur’an recitations at 1518, (Brossell, WI)

SINGAPORE—BBC-Far East Relay Station, 6195 at 1150 marking Algeria’s independence from France.(Sellers, BC) 2329 with news headlines, WS ID at 2229, one long beep at 2330. (Cooper, PA)

SOUTH AFRICAChannel Africa, 15235 in French at 1626. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Sonder Grense, 3320 at 0102 with man/woman talking. Sounded like a play or a skit. (Cooper, PA) 0422 with light pops in Afrikaans. Faded by 0429. (Strawman, IA) 2252 in Afrikaans. (Brossell, WI)

SPAINRadio Exterior de Espana, 15390 in Spanish at 2115. (Brossell, WI) 15520 at 2012 with two men speaking in Spanish covering a soccer match. (Cooper, PA)

SWAZILANDTrans World Radio, 4775, Manzini, with male announcer and ID at *0428, then woman opening English program, then vocal, followed by sermon. (D’Angelo, PA)

THAILANDRadio Thailand, 15590 at 0005 with an S-3 carrier, but no audio. (Strawman, IA)

TURKEYVoice of Turkey, 9515, Emirler at 0346-0353* with man speaking, ID and web address, Turkish instrumental music, 4-minute break before off for good. (D’Angelo, PA) 11815, Emirler at 1503 with instrumental music and Turkish announcements. (Brossell, WI)

UNITED STATES—Voice of America, 15600 via Wooferton at 1455 in Kurdish. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Free Asia-UAE Relay, 9555 at 2328 in Tibetan. (Taylor, WI) 9990, Northern Marianas Relay in Mandarin at 2335. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty-Biblis Relay, 15450 at 1550 with men speaking then woman later giving contact info. (Cooper, PA)
Radio Farda-Bilbis Relay, 5860 in Farsi at 0027, several time pips at 0030, station ID. (Cooper, PA) 12005 via Woofferton at 1355 in Farsi and contemporary Persian music, male announcer. (Taylor, WI)
Adventist World Radio, 9725 via Nauen at 0405-0429 with man speaking in Bulgarin, discussion by man/woman. (D’Angelo, PA) 11800 via South Africa in French at 2019. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Payam-e-Doost, (Message from a Friend), 7460 via Moldova at *0230-0315* with opening music, ID and talks in Farsi. Short instrumental music and talks by man/woman. (D’Angelo, PA)

VATICANVatican Radio, 7305 via Greenville at 0230, off at 0230 without an announcement. (Strawman, IA) 9560 via Tinang with man speaking at length in Mandarin. (Taylor, WI) 9660 in French at 2053. (Brossell, WI) 15595 SMG in Arabic at 1542 with man talking. (Cooper, PA)

VIETNAMVoice of Vietnam, 7315 via Cyprus Creek at 0111 with woman speaking in English. (Strawman, IA)

High fives, back slaps, man hugs and salutes to all of you who checked in with logs and info this time. The good guys include: William Hassig, Mt. Pleasant, IL; Jerry Strawman, Des Moines, Iowa; Harold Sellers, Vernon, BC; Art Delibert, North Bethesda, MD; KB2DMD, Richard Parker, Pennsburg, PA; Rich D’Angelo, Wyomissing, PA; Steven C. Wood, Harwich, MA; Bob Brossell, Pewaukee, WI; Ralph Perry, Wheaton, IL; John C. Cooper, Lebanon, PA; and Mark Taylor, Madison, WI. Thanks to all of you! Until next month … 73 … Keep on keepin’on … Celebrate Shortwave!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

November 2017 Shortwave Listening Logs

ASCENSION—BBC Relay, English Bay, 11810 at 2150-2159* with English features and a promo at closing. (D’Angelo, PA) 2134 on Trump’s foreign policy. (Brossell, WI) 12095 in English at 2031 with woman reading headlines, then man and news. (Cooper, PA)

AUSTRIA—Adventist World Radio, 11880 via Moosbrunn and Moment Of Truth program ID, 2126 had a song, then woman giving address and contact info. (Cooper, PA) 11955 via Nauen at 1912 with soft instrumentals and man speaking in Hausa, into English at 1930, then into Tachelit. (D’Angelo, PA)

BOTSWANAVOA Relay, 6080 at 0328-0359* woman giving English ID, Hurricane Harvey and other subjects. (D’Angelo, PA) 15580 at 1624 on the Syrian refugee crisis. (Brossell, WI) 2050 with ID, several mentions of Nigeria during African Beat program. (Cooper, PA)

BRAZIL(all in Portuguese –GLD)
Radiodifusora Roraima, Boa Vista, 4875 at 0835 with man talking, followed by woman laughing and joking with him. (Cooper, PA)
Radio Clube do Para, Belem, 4885 at 2315 with man speaking and a musical interval. (Cooper, PA)
Radio Educacao Rural, Tefe, 4925.2 at 0127 with man speaking and music, then with a promo or commercial. (Cooper, PA) 0210-0251* with several men talking, occasional instrumentals and brief announcements. Closing ID and more announcements at 0251. (D’Angelo, PA)
Radio Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, 5940 at 0945 with man talking, then woman and song by man. (Cooper, PA) 9665,8 at 0304 with extended talks by man/woman. (Strawman, IA) 2234-2311 man with several mentions of Brazil, A Voz do Brazil program to 2300, then another ID, instrumental to 2307 and start of another program. (D’Angelo, PA)
Radio Nacional, Braslia, 6180 at 0453 with usual lively programming and jingles. (KB2DMD, PA) 2344 with a female speaker at 0210. (KB2DMD, PA)
Radio Evangelizar, 9725, Curitiba, 0404-0429 Aug 26, with vocals followed by male announcer and long religious talk language. Noted almost // web stream feed (shortwave was delayed) to ID the station. (D’Angelo-PA)
Radio Brazil Central, Goiania, 11815 at 2310, with slow song by man and a male announcer. (Cooper, PA)

CANADACFRX, Toronto, 6070 at 0442 with a call-in talk show on witchcraft. (KB2DMD, PA) 2105 with news, several IDs and a weather report. (Cooper, PA)
CKZN, St. John’s (Newfoundland), 6160 with world news at 2200. (Brossell, WI)
Bible Voice Broadcasting, 9400 via Bulgaria, 0311-0315* with woman speaking in Arabic and light instrumental to close. (D’Angelo, PA) 15215 via Austria with woman speaking and an ID at 1830. (KB2DMD, PA)

CHINAChina Radio International, 5960 via Albania in English at 2100 with headlines. 5990 via Cuba at 2335 with male/female announcers reading the news in English (Cooper, PA) 7265-Urumqi at 1315 with music and announcements in (l) Hindi. (Brossell, WI) 7325-Jinhua with talk by man in Japanese at 1149, 7410-Jinhua at 1142 with man/woman speaking in Filipino. (Sellers, BC) 9470-Xi’an at 0007 in (l) Mongolian. (Brossell, WI) 9590 via Albania at 0511 with man speaking in Arabic, 2355 from the Kashi site in Spanish with pops and ID at top-of-the-hour. (KB2DMD, PA)
China National Radio, 6125-Beijing at 1207 with possible chidren’s program. (Sellers, BC)
Xizang PBS, 4920 at 2210 and 2235 in (p) Tibetan with chant-like vocals. //495, 6025, 6130, and 7385. (Delibert, MA)

COLOMBIAAlcaravan Radio, Puerto Lleras, 5910 in Spanish at 0432 with long religious talk in Spanish. (D’Angelo, PA) 0835 with lively ballad, male announcer speaking in Spanish. (Cooper, PA)

CUBARadio Progresso, Bejucal, 4765 at 0204 with man speaking in Spanish and upbeat music. (KB2DMD, PA) 0329 with elevator-style music and woman speaking in Spanish. (Strawman, IA)

ECUADORHCJB, 6050-Pinchincha, at 0950 in Quechan with man giving long monologue. (Copper, PA)
Radio Akhbar Mufriha/HCJB, 9530 at 2151-2215* with man speaking in (l) Hassinya language and some vocals mixed with brief talks. Off with light instrumentals until termination at 2213. (D’Angelo, PA)

EGYPTRadio Cairo, 9570-Abis in German at 1930 with woman talking, music, then more talk. (Cooper, PA)

ENGLANDBBC, 7445 via South Africa at 0438 with a correspondent report from Namibia. (Sellers, BC) 9890-Oman Relay in English at 2255 with two men and several brief musical interludes. ID and off at 2259. (Cooper, PA)

FRANCERadio France International, 7205 in French at 2123. (KB2DMD, PA) 9540 at 2011 in (l) Hausa. (Brossell, WI) 11995 at 1926 with French pops, later man/woman speaking in French including station ID. (D’Angelo, PA)

GERMANYDeutsche Welle, 15200 via France at 1936 with HOA music and talks in Hausa. (KB2DMD, PA)

GREECEVoice of Greece, 9935-Avlis at 2105 with vocals in Greek hosted by man. (D’Angelo, PA)

GUINEARadio TV Guineenne, Conakry, 9650 at 2200 with interview in French. (Cooper, PA) 2243. (Brossell, WI)

GUATEMALARadio Verdad, Chiquimula 4055 with hymns and Spanish talks. (Brossell, WI)

INDIA—All India Radio, 9445-Bengaluru in English at 2105 with woman giving the station ID, then news headlines and program on India’s 71st Independence Day including Prime Minister’s speech. (Cooper, PA) 13695-Bengaluru at 0235 in (l) Kannada, woman with traditional instruments. (KB2DMD, PA)
Athmik Yatra Radio,15285 via Nauen at 1407 in (l) the Soura language. (Brossell, WI)

IRANVOIRI, 11675-(Sirjan), in Russian at 1411. (Brossell, WI)

JAPANNHK/Radio Japan, 6105 via France in Japanese at 0449, (KB2DMD, PA) 9560 via Madagascar in Swahili at 0335. (Strawman, IA) 9625 in Japanese at 2017. (Brossell, WI) 11985 via Madagascar at 2039 with ID, woman speaking and news. Off at 2100, per schedule. (Cooper, PA)
Radio Nikkei One, 6055 with woman speaking Japanese and J-Pop. (Sellers, BC)

MEXICORadio Educacion, Mexico D.F., 6185 in Spanish at 0003 with apparent news in Spanish. (Brossell, WI) 0155 with live concert with cheering, piano, and guitar. (Cooper, PA) 0317 with ranchero music under storm static. (Strawman, IA)

MYANMARMyanmar Radio, (t), 5985 at 0026. (Delibert, MA)

NETHERLANDSThe Mighty KBC, 9925 via Nauen in English at 0000 with rock number, DJ, and ID. (Cooper, PA)

NEW ZEALANDRadio New Zealand International, 6170 at 1310 about Indonesia’s West Papua province. (Sellers, BC) 7425 at 1119 with woman hosting music program, ID, and news at 1130. (D’Angelo, PA) 9630-Rangitaiki (not shown) at 0500 with woman reading the news. They’d just moved here, 11725 at 0451 with man/woman doing interview. (Sellers, BC). 9830 at 0517 on mass transit. (KB2DMD, PA) 13840 at 0225 with BBC program on the UK and deportation of illegal immigrants, then several interviews. (Cooper, PA) 0229. KB2DMD, PA)

NORTH KOREAVoice of Korea, 11710-Kujang in French at 1145 with woman and long monologue. (Cooper, PA)

OMANRadio Sultanate of Oman, 15140-Thumrait 2015 in English at 2225 with man/woman talking. According to their sked they’re not supposed to be in English at this hour. (Cooper, PA) 1652 with pop vocals and announcer in English, ID for 90.4 FM. Also at 0008 in Arabic. (D’Angelo, PA)

OPPOSITION—Sigalee Qeerroo Bilisummaa (via France to Ethiopia), 17840 at 1649-1700* with man speaking in (l) Oromo, but bothered by white noise jamming. (D’Angelo, PA)
Radio Erena (via Bulgaria to Eritrea), 11965 at 1756-1801* with man speaking in Arabic. Closedown and brief instrumental at 1800. (D’Angelo, PA)
Nippon No Kaze (via Palau to North Korea), 9965 in Korean to 1536. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Dabanga (via Madagascar to Sudan), 13800 in Arabic at 1559. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Tamazuj (via Vatican to Sudan), 15540 at 1517 with HOA music and Arabic announcements. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Itahuka (via Madagascar to Rwanda), 15420 at 1838-1853 with two men speaking in (p) Kirundi. (D’Angelo, PA)
Denge Kurdistane (via France to Turkey), 7350 in Kurdish at 0317 with ethnic numbers. (Strawman, IA) 11600 (via Moldova), in Kurdish at 2004 with several people in a lively discussion, then instrumental music and male announcer. (D’Angelo, PA) 2023 with interview in Kurdish. (Cooper, PA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA—NBC, Bougainville (p) 3325 at 0910 in Tok Pisin with male announcer, song, then man again. (Cooper, PA)

PHILIPPINESFar East Broadcasting, 9430-Bocaue in Mandarin at 1105 with two men talking in Mandarin. (Cooper, PA)
Radio Veritas, 15620 via Vatican in (l) Tagalog at 1522. (Brossell, WI)

PIRATES—Wolverine Radio, 6930u at 0103, started with a good signal but slowly faded down. Program on songs using the word “last.” SSTV/FAX at 0152 and the “Last Supper” painting on HF Underground. Also, 6950u at 0023 doing a test and playing numbers with the word “high” in them. SSTV/FAX at 0126. (Hassig, IL)
Clever Name Radio, 6940u at 2310, with ID at 2312 followed by a Beatles number. (Cooper, PA)
Radio Free Whatever, 6950u at 2254 with Dick Weed, USSR national anthem and off. (Hassig, IL)
WEAK, 6925u at 2353 with “I Remember When” statements, old KIPM clips, several old songs, and off at 0030. (Hassig, IL)
“Michael”, 6770 at 0010 asking for listener calls. No ID other than his name. (Cooper, PA)

ROMANIARadio Romania International, 9620-Galbeni in French with pops. (KB2DMD, PA) 11850-Tiganesti at 2037 with woman giving ID, then economics and announcing a new contest. (Cooper, PA) 11975-Galbeni at 1803 with news, followed by ID, then instrumentals. (D’Angelo, PA)

SAO TOMEVOA Relay, 11900-Pinheira in French with ID at 2029, then into English. (Brossell, WI)

SAUDI ARABIABSKSA, 9675-(Riyadh) at 2021 in (l) Turkish. (Brossell, WI)

SINGAPOREBBC-Far East Relay, 6195 at 2345 with male/female announcers BBCWS ID at 2359. Off at 0000. (Cooper, PA)

SOUTH AFRICARadio Sonder Grense, 3320-Meyerton at 0055 with man briefly and male vocal. (Cooper, PA) 0352-0417 with man speaking in Afrikaans, woman reading the news at 0400. (D’Angelo, PA)

SOUTH KOREAKBS World Radio, 7275 at 1156 with IS and IDs repeated in Korean and English then sign-on in Korean. (Sellers, BC) 13585 via UAE, 2000 in Arabic with male/female announcers. (Cooper, PA) News in Arabic presumably on North Korea, English ID at 2013, then English language lesson and other features. (D’Angelo, PA)

SPAINRadio Exterior de Espana, 15390-Nobelhas in Spanish at 2009. (Brossell, WI)

SUDANSudan Radio, 7205, Al Aitahab, at 0395 with local vocals until 0400 then woman reading the news. (D’Angelo, PA)

SWAZILANDTWR Africa, 4775 at 0428 repeating IS and English ID, then sign on at 0430. (Sellers, BC) 9940 with man/woman speaking in French at 1945 on talking about programs, TWR ID at 1949, IS at 1950, off at 1950. Heavy QRM from 9935-Greece. (Cooper, PA)

TAIWANRadio Taiwan International, 7300 at 1153. Both this and a Chinese jammer here with talk. (Sellers, BC) 11635 in Mandarin at 2356, followed by time pips at 000 and off. (Brossell, WI) 12030 at 1135 in Russian an upbeat female vocal. (Cooper, PA)
Sound of Hope, 6280 at 1154 with man/woman speaking in Mandarin and bridge music, 6280 in (l) Mandarin with talk and chorus, time pip at 1230, announcements, and news. (Sellers, BC)

THAILANDRadio Thailand, 5875 in Vietnamese at 1118 with man talking, brief music bridge, then more talking. (Cooper, PA) 15590-Udan Thani at 0019-0030*, man/woman reading English news. Seemingly off in mid-sentence; was likely a beam change. (D’Angelo, PA)

TURKEYVoice of Turkey, 9830-Emirler, at 2310 in English with news headlines, economic, and history features. (Cooper, PA)

UNITED STATES—Voice of America-Philippine Relay, 7540 with discussion at 1316. (Sellers, BC) 9530 Philippine Relay in Mandarin at 1313, 9880 Thailand Relay in Mandarin at 0009 and 15600 via Woofferton in (l) Kurdish at 1413. (Brossell, WI) 11785 Philippine Relay under Chinese jamming at 1825 VOA had man speaking in slow, steady voice. (Cooper, PA) 12080 Philippine Relay at 1256 in Korean. VOA English ID, classical music to top of the hour. (Strawman, IA) 15110 Thailand at 1306 with man/woman speaking in Mandarin and some light instrumentals. Eventually lost in noise. (D’Angelo, PA)
Radio Ashna (VOA), 12075 via Vatican with talks in (l) Dari at 1553. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Free Asia-Northern Marianas Relay, 9410 in Mandarin at 2115. (Brossell, WI)
Adventist World Radio, 5975 via Nauen at 0405-0429* man speaking in (l) Bulgarian, then discussion by man/woman, then vocal and closedown. (D’Angelo, PA) 0429 in Bulgarian with woman talking and piano before abrupt close. (KB2DMD, PA) 9770 Austria in (l) Dyula language at 2023. (Brossell, WI)
Pan American Broadcasting, 9915 via Nauen at 1955 with man talking about the Bible. ID at 1958. (Cooper, PA)
Overcome Ministry, 5900 with Brother Stair at 2329. (Cooper, PA)
Radio Payam e Doost, 7460 via Moldova, in Farsi at 0230-0315* with opening, station ID, talks in Farsi. (D’Angelo, PA) 0245 with female announcer, lively folk song and more talk. (Cooper, PA)

VATICANVatican Radio, 7250 at 2151 with sound bites of the Pope. (Brossell, WI) 7360-SMG, in Swahili with long beforehand, and ID. (Strawman, IA) 11730-SMG, at 0195 in (p) Malay with female singer, man/woman talking. (Cooper, PA) 15570-SMG, at 1605-1630* with male announcer in Swahili and numerous mentions of “Christo.” (D’Angelo, PA)

VIETNAMVoice of Vietnam, 7220 signing on in Chinese at 1201 mixing with Voice of Korea. (Sellers, BC) 11730 at 1925, ID at 1929, into French at 1930. (Cooper, PA)

ZANZIBARZBC Radio, 11735 in Swahili at 2000 with man speaking and male vocals. (Cooper, PA) 2013 with hilife and Swahili announcements. (Brossell, WI)

High fives, back slaps, and man hugs to the good guys who came through this time: Jerry Strawman, Des Moines, IA; Rich D’Angelo, Wyomissing, PA; KB2DMD, Richard Parker, Pennsburg, PA; William Hassig, Mt. Pleasant, IL; Ralph Perry, Wheaton, IL; Art Delibert, Vineyard Haven, MA; Steven C. Wood, Harwich, MA; John Cooper, Lebanon, PA; Bob Brossell, Pewaukee, WI; and Harold Sellers, Vernon, BC.

Until next time, good listening, celebrate shortwave and … keep on keepin’ on!