Friday, April 29, 2016

May 2016 Shortwave Listening Logs

ALASKAKNLS, Anchor Point, 7355 at 1254 with an ID, frequencies and a song until 1259 close. (Sellers, BC) 9655 at 1630 with M/W and monologue in CC indicating the station was unaffected by the 6.8-7.1 level earthquake which was recorded there. (Barton, AZ)

ALGERIA—Radio Algerienne,7335 at 2154-2300* via France after a tip from Ralph Perry, with AA music and prayers, then still another M with ID, frequency anmts, another vocal, 5 time pips and off. (D’Angelo, PA)

ASCENSION—BBC South Atlantic Relay, 9460-English Bay, on Israel’s treatment of African migrants. (Sellers, BC) 11660 at 1947-1959 with two M in (l) Hausa to 1959 closedown. (D’Angelo, PA) 11810 at 2107 with an interview about Greece, //9915, 12095 with world news at 2103. (Sellers, BC)

AUSTRALIARadio Australia, 15240-Shepparton at 2114 with interview about cyclone damage in Fiji, //17840. (Sellers, BC)

AUSTRIA—Adventist World Radio, 11980 at 2100 signing on with station ID and mention of Daylight Magazine, singing jingle for “Voice of Hope” and into a song. (Sellers, BC)

BOTSWANAVOA Relay, 9490-Mopeng Hill, at 2122 with EE/FF lesson. (Brossell, WI)

BRAZIL—(All in PP. -- gld)
Radio Cultura, Araquara, 3365 with local vocals hosted by M, talks, ID and anmts. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Radio Municipal, Sao Gabriel de Cachoeira, 3375 at 0915 with M hosting local music selections, ID and anmts. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Radio Difusora do Amazonas, Manaus, 4805 at 1013 with M talk f/by W, then several M with a news-type pgm. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Radio Cancao Nova, Cachoeira, 4825 at 2327 with soft instls, M with ID at 2325, then a long talk by W. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Radio Verdes Florestas, Cruzeiro do Sul, 4865 at 1046 with religious talks and short choir segments. ID at end of pgm around 1053 f/by more religious selections. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Radiodifusora Roraima, Boa Vista, 4875.1 (p) at 0351 with contemporary Brazilian music. (Taylor, WI)
Radiodifusora Acreana, Rio Branco 4885 (p) at 0248 with M an excited talk. (Taylor, WI)
Radio RB2, Curitiba, 6040 at 0839 with two W, ID, ads and anmts. (Sellers, BC) 11935 at 0040 several M ancrs, vocals, nice ID at 0100 then another talk. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, 9819.4 at 0128 with M ancr and call-ins. (Taylor, WI)
Radio Nacional Amazonas, Brasilia, 11780 at 2304 with talks. (Brossell, WI)

CANADACKZN, St. John’s (Newfoundland), 6160 at 0825 carrying DW’s “Africa Link” pgm. (Sellers, BC)
Bible Voice, 11680 via Kostinbrod (Bulgaria) at 1702 in Farsi at 1702. 11600 at 1706 in AA.  (Taylor, WI)

CHINAChina Radio International, 6100 plus 6155-both Beijing and 7255 Kashi at 1705 with EE news, 7330 and 9710 (both Kashi) at 0220 with SS commentary. (Padazopulos, Greece) 9760-Kunming at 1225 with feature People in the World, 17560-Kashi with FF talks at 1245. (Brossell, WI)
Voice of the Strait, Fuzhou, 4940 at 1026 M/W ancrs in (l) Uyghur, apparent ID at 1030 with soft instls. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA) 1104 in Mandarin. (Brossell, WI) 1250 with M in Mandarin and pgm of mellow CC music.
CNR/CPBS Xinjiang PBS, 7205 at 2351-2357* with M/W in (l) Uyghur. Off in mid-sentence. (D’Angelo/FCDX, PA) CNR-13, 9890 in Uyghur at 2357 with instl, time pips until 0000, then anmts and possible news. (Sellers, BC) CNR-7-Langshi at 0138 in Kazakh. (Taylor, WI) 15480 in Mandarin at 1242. (Brossell, WI)
CNR-1 (jammer) 9660 in with W ancr in Mandarin, then alternating M/W vs. unheard Radio Free Asia, 11695 at 0141 vs RFA with W in Tibetan underneath. (Taylor, WI)
Firedragon jammer, 9480 at 0113 vs unheard RFA in Uyghur. (Taylor, WI)

COLOMBIAAl Caravan Radio, Puerto Lleras, 5910 in SS at 0610. (Perry, IL)

CUBARadio Havana Cuba, 5040-Quivican at 0217 with music, 11760-Bauta with SS news. (Padazopulos, Greece) In SS at 0006. Better on //6060. (Sellers, BC)

ECUADORHCJB, 6060-Pichincha with M in SS and Andean music with a hymn at 0903 and into Quechua. (Sellers, BC)

GERMANY—Radio Oomrang, via France, 15215 with annual special in EE and German with apparent repeat of last year’s pgm with interview of Amrum islanders, talk of life on the island and many nice IDs. (D’Angelo, PA)
Rein Main Radio Club, 11580 via WRMI at 2205-2246 and the special EDXC conference interviews with attendees. (D’Angelo, PA)

GREECEERT/Voice of Greece, 9420 with Greek music at 2126. (Sellers, BC)

GUAMAdventist World Radio/KSDA, 15390-Agat with talks in the (l) Adi language. (Brossell, WI) 15434-Agat at 2238-2259* with Indonesian service, ID, closedown anmts and brief music until off. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)

GUATAMALA—Radio Verdad, Chiquimula, 4055 at 0040-0128 with M/W and religious talk in SS, music breaks, IDs and anmts. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA) Closing anmts at 0605, f/by national anthem. (Sellers, BC)

INDIA—All India Radio, 4800-Hyderabad (p) in Telegu with South Asian music, 12025 Panaji (Goa) at 1708 with W ancr and South Asian music, 13640-Bengaluru in Farsi and M ancr. (Taylor, WI) 4820-Kolkata in Bengali with M talking at length, 4920-Chennai in Tamil with M talking. (Taylor, WI) 4920-Chennai at 1300 with M/W ancrs in EE and Hindi playing subcontinental music, 5010-Thiruvananthapuram at 1310. (Nikolich, IL) 9445-Banglauru at 2153 with a Hindi swami preaching in EE. (Sellers, BC) 9705-Panaji (Goa), poor in Hindi at 2317. (Sellers, BC) 4970-Shillong at 1356-1547 preempting pgm for live coverage of women’s soccer. (Valko, PA) 9910-Delhi at 0233-0259 non-stop vocals, Pushto ID and anmts. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)
TWR India, 12025-via Arnenia at 1344 with IS to 1346 s/on by W in Maithili. (Sellers, BC)

INDONESIAVoice of Indonesia, 9525-Cimanggis (t) at 1420 in II with W speaking at length. (Taylor, WI)
Radio Republik Indonesia, Palangkaraya, 3325 in II at 1238 with music and anmts. (Sellers, BC)

IRANIRIB-7225 Kalamabad at 0237, 9445-Kalamabad at 0222 both with SS commentary, 7400-Sirjan at 2112-2127* with SS, f/by recitations and more talk to closing ID. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA) 11675-Kalamabad with M in Urdu and occasional music interludes, //11730. (Taylor, WI)

JAPAN—Radio Nikkei, 6055 Pgm 1 with two W in JJ at 0818, 6155 Pgm 2 at 0738 with vocals in JJ and EE and an EE ID at 0740. (Sellers, BC) 6055 at 1111 with talks in JJ. (Brossell, WI)

KUWAITRadio Kuwait, 17550 in AA at 2122. (Brossell, WI)

MEXICO—Radio Educacion, Mexico D.F., 6185 at 0210-0248 with ID and SS talk hosting pgm of local musicians. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)

MOROCCORadio Medi Un, 9575 in AA at 2316 with songs, W talk. (Sellers, BC)

NETHERLANDSThe Mighty KBC, 6040 at 0100 with “Uncle Eric” playing rock and saying he needs $73 (65 Euros) per hour to rent the Nauen transmitter. (Nikolich, IL)

NEW ZEALANDRadio New Zealand International, 9700-Rangitaiki with Pacific Region news at 1100. (Brossell, WI)

NIGERIAVoice of Nigeria, 7255-Abuja in Hausa at 0601, music bridge, ID and possible news. (Sellers, BC) 2052-2100 in Hausa with Two M talking over the sounds of children playing, then a drum music segment and more talk. Seemed to disappear as the TOH approached. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA) 

NORTH KOREAVoice of Korea, 6170-Kujang at 1036-1115 with classical music, ID by M in the EE service. Booming signal after 1100, //6185. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA) 9435 at 1353-1426* with W in EE ancing classical and operatic vocals. Nice ID and the EE broadcast sked at 1424 before close. (D’Angelo, FCDX)
Korean Central People’s Broadcasting Station, 15180 with talks at 1224. (Brossell, WI)

OMANRadio Sultanate of Oman, 15140-Thumrait at 1412-1505 with an excellent strength. Weather for Muscat and other cites, lots of trivia notes on Internet services.  In EE until at 1505 which usually ends by TOH. (Nikolich, IL) 1415 with astounding strength and old US pops and a DJ. (Perry, IL)1444-1500* with their EE service and M hosting pop, music requests and weather info. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)

OPPOSITION—Voice of Tibet (via Tajikistan to China), 15540 with talks in Tibetan at 1348. (Brossell, WI)
Denge Kurdistane (p) (via Moldovia to Turkey), 9400 in Kurdish with what sounded like a political speech. (Taylor, WI)
Voice of the People (South Korea to North), 4557 making it through NK jamming at 1315. (Perry, IL) 6518 at 1040-1047 with M in KK, Poor, but better than //6600 and //4557 which was very poor. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Voice of the Wilderness, (South Korea to North),7615 via Tashkent in KK at 1355. (Perry, IL)
Echo of Hope (South Korea to North), 6003 at 0858 with W in KK and some music but very poor. (Sellers, BC)
Radio San’a, (via Saudi Arabia to Yemen), 11860 at 1324 with two M and an interview in AA. (Sellers, BC) 1357-1407 M in AA with percussive Mid-East music. (Taylor, WI) 1510-1530 in AA producing a solid signal at my condo in downtown Chicago. (Nikolich, IL)

PERURadio Tarma, Tarma, 4775 at 2300-2332 covering a futebal match jingle ID and several anmts at 2334. Heavy CODAR QRM. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Radio Cultural Amauta, Huanta, at 1104-1116 with rustic-sounding vocals, f/by M with ID and SS talk. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Voz Cristiana, Chilca, 4985.5 at 1105 with W in SS, jingle ID and several anmts at 2334, M with religious talk. Heavy CODAR QRM. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)

PHILIPPINESFEBC Radio, 9405-Bocaue at 2395-2338 with W in Mandarin, soft instls, group vocals in a broadcast to China. (D’Angelo FCDX, PA) 15330 at 1140 with talks in listed Mon language. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Veritas Asia, 15620 via Vatican at 1514-1553* with M/W in EE before a “live” audience speaking about their lives, then into Tagalog talks at 1522. Pgm ended at 1545 then religious talk, and then talk about Filipino overseas workers. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)

PIRATES—Liquid Radio, 6925 at 2306 with contemporary “dance” things, 2307 ID and more of the same. (Taylor, WI) 2345 with “dance”, rock, muffled DJ voice. (Hassig, IL)
Old Time Radio, 6770 at 0308 at or below noise level; sounded like the Abbot and Costello pgm. (Hassig, IL)
Wolverine Radio, 6950u with “Testing 1-2-3”, several things on Kings and Queens, said was moving to 4015. (Taylor, WI) 0118 with a time-themed pgm. Excellent signal. SSTV/FSX SFX at 0200. (Hassig, IL)
WDDR Drunken DJ Radio, 4015at 0150 at 0150 on w/ID, song, dead air, later moved to 4020 to avoid a UTE, several other shout outs, SSTV bits. (Taylor, WI)
Radio Gaga, 6935 at 0020 good with pop. Unusual dsb mode caused a het. (Hassig, IL). Fair, after getting an email alert. (D’Angelo, PA)
Radio Casablanca, 6940 at 2232 with several news items from the 1940’s and host “Rick Blaine” with a nice ID. (D’Angelo, PA)
Blue Dragon Radio, 6975 at 2301-0010, This Italian pirate heard playing oldies with occasional IDs in EE/II. Reports in EE go to (Lobdell, MA)
Mike Radio, (Netherlands), 6295u at 2216-2300* playing oldies, frequent IDs and greetings to those posting on HF underground, said l kw and gave email as (Lobdell, MA)
Italian Broadcasting Corp., 6970u at 2300-2330 with selections interspersed with EE IDs. (Lobdell, MA)
Radio First Termer, 6930.2 at 0212 introduction of revival of station with rock, talk, and abruptly off. (Taylor, WI)
Pee Wee Radio, 6925 at 0055; unintelligible talk, some spacy sounds, punk, into CW and off. (Taylor, WI)
Radio Fusion Radio, 6925u at 1418-1518* with instrumental “space synth” music. 1430 with full ID and email as (Lobdell, MA)
Radio Illumati, 6150 at 1953-2145* with a marathon broadcast for Valentine Day. (Lobdell, MA)
Radio Free Whatever, 6930u at 2303 with Dick Weed with talk and ID, then music and talk. (Taylor, WI)
Amphetamine Radio, 6930u at 0027 with SSTV, CW ID, W with voice ID , shout outs to other stations, TC, NA and off. (Taylor, WI)
XLR8, 6955u with a song, ID, psychedelic rock at 0043, later pgm of basic rock. (Taylor, WI) 6955 at 0051 with heavy metal, 2 IDs. (Hassig. IL)
Johnny Tobacco Radio (Holland) 6295 at 2236 giving shout outs to those posting on Iann’s Chat room. (Lobdell, MA)
Moonlight Radio 6935u at 0032 with pops, ID and mention of using 5 watts. Either faded or signed off at 0400. (Lobdell, WI)
Radio Free Mars, 6925 at 0123 disco remix of ‘rocket man’; ancr ID’d as “Mr. Martian." (Lobdell, MA)

ROMANIARadio Romania International, 11945 (Galbeni) at 1320 in AA, appeared to be a morning news program. (Sellers, BC) 17755 (via unknown site) heard in Mandarin at 1253. (A mistaken use of this frequency. - gld)

SAO TOMEVOA Relay, Pinheira 9490 and Yankee Doodle IS at 2200, then dead air. Scheduled for the Bambara broadcast at this time. (Brossell, WI)

SINGAPOREBBC Far East Relay, 15510 with discussion on the Greek economy at 1112. (Brossell, WI)

SOUTH AFRICAChannel Africa (p) 3345-Meyerton at 0350-0400* with W and sports update. Closed with some vocals until carrier was cut. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Radio Sonder Grense, 3320-Meyerton at 0325 with W in Afrikaans and pops, some of which were in EE. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)

SOUTH KOREA—KBS World Radio, 11810-Kimje at 2204 in EE with news features, f/by Radio Jukebox, then W with music and listener comments. Numerous IDs. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA) 0142 with W in SS and mellow vocals. (Taylor, WI) 15575 at 1318 report on protests over the North’s actions. (Brossell, WI)

SRI LANKASri Lanka Broadcasting, 11905-Trincomalee in Hindi with W playing music at 0145. (Perry, IL)

SWAZILAND—Trans World Radio, 3200 at 0307 with long talk in  Ndebele, 3240 at 0327 in N’dau with M talk, singing and more talk, 4775 at 0348, W talking at length, fair but had CODAR swishes. (Taylor, WI) 0346-0357* with M/W in Lomwe, then tribal vocals. Music box IS at close. Modest CODAR QRM. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)

SWEDENIBRA Radio, (p) 5940 via Dhabbaya (UAE) at 0244 with W in Dari. (Taylor, WI)

TAIWANRadio Taiwan International, 7200-Tanshui at 1206-1230* with pgm of local music and CC talks to carrier off at 1230. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA) 9465 with pop vocals hosted by W at 1545, ID by M just before the hour. (Barton, AZ) 15265 in Mandarin at 1306. (Brossell, WI)

THAILANDRadio Thailand, 5875-Udorn at 1104-1144 with service to Vietnam, nice EE ID at 1115, f/by Khmer and Lao xmns, each lasting 15 minutes, EE IDs between. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA) 13750 at *0000 with M/W and Newshour pgm, including national/international items, ads in EE and business news. (D’Angelo/FCDX, PA)

TURKEYVoice of Turkey, 9410-Emirler with SS commentary at 0222. (Padazopulos, Greece)

UNITED STATES—Voice of America,11950 Philippines Relay in KK at 11990, 15115 Thailand Relay at 1303 with talks in Mandarin. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Marti, 6030-Greenville in SS at 0837 in SS, //5980. (Sellers, BC) 7365 with an anmt in SS at 0220. (Padazopulos, Greece) 9510 via Vatican at 0403 in Swahili, W ancr, Somali music and off mid-song at 0359. (Taylor, WI)
Deewa Radio (VOA) 9765 via Sri Lanka at 0125 in Pashto and apparent news correspondent in New Hampshire. (Taylor, WI)
Radio Free Asia, 15265 UAE Relay in Tibetan at 1148. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Farda (p) 9960 Kuwait Relay at 1308 in Farsi with songs in W ancr. (Sellers, BC)
Adventist World Radio, 5950 via WRMI at 0034 with Wavescan pgm. (Sellers, BC)
British Israel World Federation via WHRI, 9505 at 2343 (Sundays) with a preacher talking about fear. (Sellers, BC)
Overcomer Ministry, 5900 via Bulgaria at 2128 with Brother Stair mentioning he’s on 24 hours, 7 days a week. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)

VATICAN—Vatican Radio, 15470 Philippine Relay in Mandarin at 1233. (Brossell, WI)

THANKS! Back slaps, fist bumps and high fives to the following members of The Stalwart Club who came through this time: Fotios Padazopulos, Athens, Greece; Ralph Perry, Wheaton, Illinois; Rich D’Angelo, Wyomissing, PA and French Creek DXpedition, PA; Harold Sellers, Vernon, BC; Rick Barton, El Mirage, AZ; David Valko, Dunlo, PA; Bill Matthews, Columbus, OH; Chris Lobdell, Tweeksburry, MA; Mark Taylor, Madison, WI; Bob Brossell, Pewaukee, WI; Mike Nikolich, N9OVQ, Lake Barrington, IL; and Rich Parker, KB2DMD, Pennsburg, PA.

Friday, April 1, 2016

April 2016 Shortwave Listening Logs

ALGERIA—Radio Algerienne, 5865 via Issoudun at 0506 with a jazz music bridge and FF talks. (KB2DMD, PA) 7335 at 2154 with AA talks, vocals, prayers, etc. Five pips and carrier off at 2300. (D’Angelo)

ANGUILLA—Caribbean Beacon, 6090 at 2230 with Melissa Scott preaching, but very poorly heard. (Sellers, BC)

ARGENTINA—Radio Argentina al Exterior, General Pacheco, 11711 at 0110 with pgm of ballads and M in SS. (Taylor, WI) 15345.1 in SS at 2203. (Sellers, BC) 2305 with talks in SS. (Brossell, WI)

ASCENSION—BBC South Atlantic Relay Station, 5875 in EE at 0502 on Islamic extremism. (KB2DMD, PA) 9915 at 2115 on international terrorism. (Brossell, WI) 2144 on a new tool being used by Doctors Without Borders, 11810 at 2134 with guests discussing Egypt, 12095 at 2124 on a transgender Venezuelan politician. (Sellers, BC) 11660 at 1947 with two M in Hausa until closedown at 1959*. (D’Angelo, PA)

AUSTRALIA—Radio Australia,12085-Shepparton with news headlines at 1210. (Brossell, WI) 17840-Shepparton in EE at 2158. “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster” seeks non-profit status and the ability to perform marriages. (KB2DMD, PA)
Reach Beyond Australia, 15520-Kununurra at 1230 with an old Billy Graham sermon being translated into Mandarin. (Brossell, WI)

BRAZIL—(all in PP. – gld)
Radio Clube Paraneanse/RB2, Curitiba 9725 at 0234 with mellow music and M ancr. (Taylor, WI)
Radio Nacional Brasilia, Brasilia, 11780 with vocals at 0232. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Apareceida, Apareceida, 11855 at 0048 with classical music,
and M on phone with W. (Sellers, BC)

CHINA—China Radio International, 7245-Xi’an with news at 1705 in Esperanto, 7250-Urumqi with news in SS, 7345-Kashi at 2035 in Italian, 6100-Beijing at 1715, 9720-Urumqi at 1520 with analysis at 1635, also 9875-Kashi at 1635. (Padazopulos, Greece) 7285 via Albania at 2154 with IS, address and promo for their website, //7415, 9600. 9675-Kashi in EE at 0106 on international sanctions against Iran. (Sellers, BC) 7325-Jinhua at 1213 in (l) JJ, 11935-Shijiazhuang at 1206 in RR, 15600-Kunming at 1317 with M/W in (l) Malay, 15700 Cuba Relay at 1447 on the expansion of social media there,17560-Kashi in FF at 1337. (Brossell, WI) 9765 in Cantonese at 2336. (Sellers, BC)
China National Radio/CPBS: Voice of the Strait, Fuzhou, 4940 at 1056 and W in Mandarin. CPBS, 15480-Beijing in Mandarin at 1207. (Brossell, WI) 7305-Shiziazhuang in CC at 0941 and 7385-Xizang in (l) Tibetan at 0948. (KB2DMD, PA)
Firedragon Music jammer, 9480 against RFA from Saipan at 2021. (Taylor, WI)
CNR-1 jammer in Mandarin against RFA outlets via unheard Kuwait, //9670 via UAE and RFA via Tajikistan, and legit CNR-1 9675 against RFA via UAE. (Taylor, WI)

CUBA—Radio Havana Cuba, 5040 at 0041 with “Mailbag Plus” pgm and ID. (Sellers, BC) 6100-Quivican in EE at 0425. (Padazopulos, Greece)
Radio Progresso, 4765-Quivican at 0217 with long covers of U.S. pop. (KB2DND, PA) In SS at 0245. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Rebelde, 5020 with music in SS at 0425. (Padazopulos, Greece)

ENGLAND—BBC, 3255 via Meyerton, 5945-via Oman, 6195-Meterton all poor at 1805. (Padazopulos, Greece) 5875-Wooferton at 0302 with a correspondent report in AA, 5985-Wooferton at 0305 with W in Farsi and mx bumpers between items. (Taylor, WI) 11850 Thailand Relay at 0050 on knowledge and the brain. (Sellers, BC)

FRANCE—Radio France International, 15300-Issoudun at 1220 in FF. (Brossell, WI)

GERMANY—Deutsche Welle, 15215 via Sri Lanka at 1355 with talks in (l) Dari. (Brossell, WI)

GREECE—Voice of Greece, 9935 at 2315 with songs and talks in Greek. (Brossell, WI)

GUAM—Adventist World Radio/KSDA, 9890-Agat with talks in (l) Amoy at 1320. (Brossell, WI) 15320 at 2330 sign on with music and ID, frequencies, 15435 at 2234 with a Christian song, then M/W in listed Batak language. (Sellers, BC)
Trans World Radio/KTWR, 9910-Merizo with W in Mandarin at 1105. (Brossell, WI)

INDIA—All India Radio, 9380-Aligarh at 2229 closing in EE. (Padazopulos, Greece) 9445 (Bengaluru) 2149 with W commenting on the music just played, G.O.S. ID and introing indie pop. (Sellers, BC) 11670-Bengaluru at 2027 with talks in (l) Hindi, 17705-Bengaluru in Mandarin at 1300 with a Chinese jammer in the background. (Brossell, WI)

JAPAN—NHK Radio Japan, 9765 via Germany with songs at 1835. (Padazopulos, Greece) 11665-Yamata in JJ at 2131 with M talking over piano. Sounded as though it might have been a children’s pgm. (Sellers, BC)
Radio Nikkei, 9595 at 1057 with songs in JJ. (Brossell, WI)

MEXICO—Radio Educacion, Mexico D.F., 6185 at 0445 with M in SS and a long discussion with occasional music bridges. Clear ID at 0507. In the clear with Brazil absent. (N9OVQ, IL) 0512 with bright guitar tunes and SS vocals. (KB2DMD, PA)

NEW ZEALAND—Radio New Zealand International, 9700 at 1054 on relations between New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. (Brossell, WI) 15720-Rangitaiki at 0405 in EE, otherwise unintelligent. (Padazopulos, Greece) 2204 with Pacific region news. (Sellers, BC)

OMAN—Radio Sultanate of Oman, 15140-Thumrait at 2126 with a M in AA talks. (Brossell, WI)

OPPOSITION—Voice of Tibet (Norway via Tajikistan), 15540 at 1320 in (l) Tibetan. (Brossell, WI)
Furusato No Kaze (from Taiwan to North Korea), 9950 at 1355 in JJ. (Brossell, WI) 9960 via Palau in JJ at 1450. Saturday only here. (Perry, IL)

PHILIPPINES—Far East Broadcasting Company, 15330 at 1155 with talks in (l) Karen-Pao. (Brossell. WI)
Radio Veritas Asia, 15355 at 2317 in Filipino, M/W and many mentions of Maria (Mother of Jesus), ID and contact info at 2326. ID “This is Radio Veritas Asia broadcasting from Quezon City, Philippines”, then off. (Sellers, BC)

PIRATES—Drunken DJ Radio, 3440u at 0301-0505+ with an entertaining pgm of chatter and tunes by the guy who runs Wolverine Radio, taking requests from posters on Drinking and celebrating the New Year with several rock things. (Lobdell, MA)
WREC (Radio Free East Coast), 6925u at 0216-0312*. Recently reactivated with rock, IDs, emails. (Lobdell, MA)
X-FM, 6875 at 0118 with "dance" music. (Hassig.IL) 6955 at 0201 with “Red Hat” with chatter about propagation and giving shout outs to posters on the various boards. 0210-0225+ barely audible through the noise floor. Usual chatter, songs, TCs and IDs. (Lobdell, MA) 0238 with ID “X-FM, the power of X”, then a Roy Clark number. (Hassig, IL)
Canadian Radio After Dark, 6925 at 0059 with snippets of Elvis songs poking through the noise floor. ID from HF Underground. (Taylor, WI)
Cold Country Canada, 6969 lsb at 2026 with rock and an ID at 2050. (Lobdell, MD) 2307 with “Layla”, ID and other “classic” rock things. (Taylor, WI)
Radio Illuminati, 6150 at 2153 with pop, faded after 2210. ID confirmed after I posted on HF Underground and sent a nice eQSL to boot. (Lobdell, MA)
The Fox, 6950 at 2340 with a skit, ID and fadeout or off at 2351, then back with another ID and off again. (Taylor, WI)
Radio Tru North, 6955 at 0155. Weak with music. ID from HF Underground. (Taylor, WI)
Old Time Radio, 6770 at 0236. Better than usual with ads, big band music, Burns and Allen. (Hassig, IL)
Undercover Radio, 6960u at 0203 with "Dr. Benway" and pop songs. (Hassig, IL)
WEEK, 6950 at 2200 poor and below noise level. ID from HF Underground site. (Hassig, IL)
Channel Z Radio, 6150 at 2204, (supposedly //11640 was unheard). (Valko, PA) 2250 barely there at first but got stronger. Later a 500-hz het from another station. I think pirates should avoid the SW broadcast bands. (Hassig, IL) (agreed! – gld)
Pee Wee Radio, 6955.l at 0219 with "Rubber Band Man," brief break, f/by another song. Then off; but back at 0237 with music into an apparent skit, a goofy song, various SFX, spooky sounds, more music and fade out. ID from HF Underground. (Taylor, WI)
“U.N.I.D.” 6925 at 2232 with a rock number beginning to come through the noise floor, another rock number, a monologue which sounded like it was from “Le Show”. Began to drop off at 2252 and was gone by 2300. Sunset was at 2240 here this day, so I wonder if this was a grayline reception? (Taylor, WI)
Moonlight Radio, 6935u at 2313 with oldies and M/W ancrs. (Lobdell, MA)
Hobart Radio International, 6925 at 1808 with the Pirate Radio Special produced by the Tasmanian-based Studio Pirate and an interview with Andy Yoder and phony ads. (Lobdell, MA)
Radio Gaga, 6925u at 2240 with rock/pop. (Hassig, IL)

ROMANIA—Radio Romania International, 11795-Tiganesti in SS at 2333. (Brossell, WI) 15150-Galbeni with news at 1205. (Padazopulos, Greece)

SAO TOME—VOA Relay, Pinheira, 4960 with an editorial on human rights in Europe. (KB2DMD, PA) 6080 at 0500 with IS and ID. “The following program is in Hausa”. (KB2DMD, PA) 2157 with pops. ID and Yankee Doodle IS before 2200 closing, //15580. (Seller, BC)

SAUDI ARABIA—BSKSA, 17705-Riyadh in AA at 1353. (Brossell, WI)

SOUTH KOREA—KBS World Radio, 15375-Kimje at 1313 with a pgm on Buddhism. (Brossell, WI)

SPAIN—Radio Exterior de Espana, 15490-Nobeljas at 2103 with talks in SS. (Brossell, WI)

TAIWAN—Radio Taiwan International, 11985 at 1115 with talks in RR. (Brossell, WI)

TURKEY—Voice of Turkey, 9525 at 0312 with a review of the Istanbul press. (Brossell, WI)

UNITED STATES—Voice of America, 9700 Thailand Relay at 2202 with M/W in KK. (Taylor, WI) 11980 Philippine Relay with M in KK, 13690 N. Marianas Relay at 1352 in Mandarin, 15115 Thailand Relay in Mandarin at 1352. (Brossell, WI) 13590 via Lamprrtheim at 1915 with commentary. (Padazopulos, Greece)
Deewa Radio (VOA), 9765 via Kuwait in Pashto at 0141 with M interviewing a W. (Taylor, WI)
Radio Free Asia, 15265 Tajikistan Relay at 1212 with M in (l) Tibetan. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Farda, 13765-Lampertheim, 15690-Biblis with commentary in Farsi at 1320. (Padazopulos, Greece)
WRMI-Okeechobee, 5015 at 1205 in seeming EE, though it actually sounded more like Brazil’s Super Radio Deus e Amor relayed by Radio Cultura. (Taylor, WI) 11580 at 0612 with Overcomer Ministry. (Padazopulos, Greece)
Adventist World Radio, 5950 via Okeechobee with Wavescan pgm at 0036. (Sellers, BC)
World Harvest Radio, 9505-Cypress Creek at 2235 with religion. (Padazopulos, Greece) 9930 Palau with W giving a sermon at 1221. (Brossell, WI)
KVOH/Voice of Hope, (p) 9610-Rancho Simi at 1020 with commentary in Italian. (Padazopulos, Greece)
Radio East Africa, 21675 via Okeechobee at 2209 with “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ western. Checked again at 2239 with Radio Africa IDs repeated and giving out several postal addresses in Africa. (Sellers, BC)
WTTW, Lebanon, (TN) 12105 with M preacher. But QRM from a pulsing UTE, (27 seconds on 7 seconds off), making the preacher unlistenable. (Taylor, WI)

VATICAN—Vatican Radio, 9660 via Madagascar at 0337-0358 with several men talking in (l) Swahili. (D’Angelo, PA) 15370 at 1230 with ID in RR and RR talks. (Brossell, WI) 9660 at 2020 with analysis in EE. (Padazopulos, Greece)

VIETNAM—Voice of Vietnam, 9840 at 2333 poor with M and news. Poor with //.12020 very poor. (Sellers, BC)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 2016 Shortwave Loggings

ALASKA—KNLS, Anchor Point, 7355 at 1130 with W ancr in CC and some Christmas music, EE pgm at 1200 opening with several IDs, pgm previews and Postcards from Alaska feature. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)

ARGENTINA—Radio Argentina al Exterior, 11710-General Pacheco at 0340 in EE (normally in FF at this time) with M focusing on technology, cool ID at 0342 with ancr naming several cities, as “RAE ports of call”, then gorgeous Argentine ballads interspersed with EE/SS IDs. (NIkolich, IL) 15345 at 2328 with SS talks. (Brossell, WI) 2345 M with music pgm. (Barton, AZ)

ASCENSION ISLAND—BBC North Atlantic Relay Station, 11810-English Bay at 2152 on the Paris climate change conference and British-American Tobacco Co. bribery in Africa, //12095 also via Ascension. (Taylor, WI) With world news at 2100. (Brossell, WI) 15400 with news at 1702, 17640 at 1655 with sports. (Padazopulos, Greece)

AUSTRALIARadio Australia,17840-Shepparton at 2117 on investments in Australia. (Brossell, WI)
ABC Northern Territory Service, 4835-Alice Springs at 1134 with M/W ancrs playing songs, 1200 with ID and news, more music features. CODAR QRM. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA) 1323 on the overall job outlook there. (Brossell, WI) 4910-Tennant Creek at 1230 with a nice signal in downtown Chicago. W host and pop songs, though none of the 90-meter Aussies were audible. (Nikolich, IL) 1220-1232 with talk, then ABC news at BOH, //4835. (Delibert, MD)
Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB), 9900 at 1204 in (l) Burmese.
(Brossell, WI)

AUSTRIAAdventist World Radio, 11680-Moosbrunn at 1832 with two men talking in AA. (Taylor, WI)

BANGLADESH—Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka, 9455 at 1332 in Nepali service; M with brief talk, continuous local music to carrier termination, 15105 from *1228 with O/C, IS, 5+1 time pips, opening ID anmts, news and commentary. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)

BOLIVIA—Radio Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, 6135 at 2357 in SS playing LA pops, ancr closing pgm, 0000 with ID and SW, MW, FM frequencies. (Sellers, BC)

BOTSWANAVOA Relay, Mopeng Hill, 4940 at 2055-2101* with W in EE, tribal vocals, mention of the Africa service, formal ID and closedown. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA) 6080 at 2120 with Country Hits USA. (Sellers, BC) 7275 at 0511 with talk on Nigerian issues. (KB2DMD, PA) 13670 at 2157 with M/W in (l) Bambara, //11810. (Taylor, WI)

BRAZIL(All in PP. – gld)
Voz Missonaria, Camboriu, 5940 at 0915 with M ancr and a long medley of upbeat songs. (KB2DMD, PA)
Radio Transmundial, Santa Maria, 11735 at 1000 with numerous IDs and an instl version of “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” (KB2DMD, PA)
Super Radio Deus e Amor, Curitiba, 11765 at 0330 with M and music, crystal clear ID at 0407. (Nikolich, IL)
Radio Nacional Brasilia, Brasilia, 11780 with PP talks at 2335. (Brossell, WI) 0440 with M and vocal selections. (Barton, AZ)
Radio Brazil Central, Goiania, 11815 at 0120 with M hosting pops and PP versions of U.S. oldies. (D’Angelo/FCDX, PA) 0305 with wonderful music and M ancr. Several IDs before abrupt close at 0335. (Nikolich, IL)
Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, 15190 at 2108 with M on a PA speaking to a crowd. (KB2DMD, PA)

CHINA—China Radio International, 7215-Jinhua at 1313 with W in JJ and ARO QRM, //7325-Xi’an and 7365-Urumqi at 1317 with W in Hindi (Taylor, WI) 9645-Beijing at 1200 with EE news. (Barton, AZ) 9760-Kunming at 1222 on texting while driving in the U.S. or China, 15110-Urumqi in Mandarin at 1222,15560-Kashi on the Chinese economy at 1214. (Brossell, WI) 9875-Kashi in EE at 1815. (Padazopulos, Greece)
China National Radio/CPBS: Voice of the Strait, 4940-Fuzhou with a U.S. ballad at 1159, time pips at 1200 and into Mandarin, Xiziang PBS, 6200-Lhasa (Tibet) in (l) Tibetan at 1252, CPBS, 7275-Beijing in Mandarin at 1045. (Brossell, WI)

CUBARadio Havana Cuba, 5040-Bauta and 6000-Quivican in SS at 0243. (Padazopulos, Greece)
Radio Progresso, 4765 in SS at 0301. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Rebelde, 5025-Quivican with SS comments at 0243. (Padazopulos, Greece)

EGYPTRadio Cairo, 9800-Abis (p) at 2107 in FF, M/W ancrs. The usual audio problems, but still readable. (Taylor, WI)

ENGLANDBBC, 7490-Thailand Relay at 2357 with slow music and an ID. (KB2DMD, PA) 12095-Talata with news at 1500, 17830 via South Africa at 1655.  (Padazopulos, Greece) 15500 Oman Relay, at 1314 with talks in AA. (Brossell, WI)

FRANCERadio France International, 11995-Issoudun in FF at 0226. (Brossell, WI)

GERMANYDeutsche Welle, 6125 via South Africa at 0312 in
(l) Swahili. (Brossell, WI) 12005 via Issoudun at 1827 with a correspondent report in Hausa, then an ID. (Taylor, WI)
Rhein Main Radio Club,11580 via Okeechobee at 2205 with the EDXC Conference Special. (D’Angelo, PA)

GREECEERT Open (aka the Voice of Greece), 9420-Avlis at
1837 and M in Greek with long talks and pauses. Greek music at 2136. (Taylor, WI) 0358 with both Greek and EE anmts f/by a music pgm featuring a good variety of Greek and non-Greek tunes. (Ervine, TX)

GUAMAdventist World Radio, 9890-Agat at 2108 with W in KK. (Taylor, WI) 15320 with Sat/Sun Wavescan EE pgm at 2347. (Sellers, BC)
Trans World Radio/KTWR, 9910 at 1210 with M speaking in Mandarin. (Brossell, WI)

GUATAMALA—Radio Verdad, (p) 4055 Chiquimula, at 1318 in SS and M ancr over contemporary religious music. (Taylor, WI) 0254 with hymns. (Brossell, WI)

INDIAAll India Radio, 9445 with 2045 sign on in EE with ID an
quickly into news. (Sellers, BC) 9950-Kingsway with their General Overseas Service at 2059 with SEA music and off, 11670 (p) Bengaluru at 1833 with news in EE,12025-Panaji (Goa) at 1828 in Malay, hybrid South Asian/western music, tone at 1830 and off. (Taylor, WI) 11560-Panaji (Goa), at 1503 in Pashto hosting pgm of Indian vocals. (D’Angelo/FCDX, PA) 15050-Delhi in (l) Tamil at 1152, 17705-Bengaluru in Mandarin at 1228. (Brossell, WI)

IRANVOIRI, 7225-Kalamabad in SS at 0243. (Padazopulos, Greece) 9590-Kalamabad in Bosnian at 2129, W ancr, chiming instls, apparent beginning of another pgm, 9630-Kalamabad in Albanian at 2129, M ancr over music. Off at 2123, 11675-Kalamabad at 1323 in Urdu. M ancr with music bridges, //11730. (Taylor, WI) 15750 in AA at 1347. (Brossell, WI)

JAPANNHK World Radio Japan, 9765 at 1707 with songs in EE and talk in JJ, 11665 in JJ at 2231. (Taylor, WI) 11665 in JJ at 2155, 2200 ID. (Sellers, BC)
Radio Nikkei, 3925 at 1115 with M/W in JJ. (Barton, AZ) 1140-1156 with M in JJ and brief instl segments. (D’Angelo/FCDX, PA) 6055 in JJ at 1106. (Brossell, WI)

MALAYSIASarawak FM, 9835 at 1157 with W and Qur’an recitations. (Brossell, WI)

MEXICORadio Educacion, Mexico DF, 6185 in SS with Mexican instls, SS ID at 0046, then W talk. (Sellers, BC)

NEW ZEALANDRadio New Zealand International, 9700-Rangitaiki with an ID at 1057, IS and weather for the Pacific at 1100. (Brossell, WI) 15720 at 0355 with steel guitars. (Barton, AZ)

NETHERLANDSThe Mighty KBC, 7395 via Nauen with oldies pop and M ancr at 0012. (Sellers, BC)

NIGERIAVoice of Nigeria, 7255 at 2044 in Hausa, M/W with many mentions of Nigeria. (Sellers, BC)
Radio Nigeria, Kaduna, 6090 at 2046-2100* with tribal vocals and M in (p) Hausa and brief talks. Quick anmt at 2059, music fanfare and off. (D’Angelo/FCDX, PA)

NORTH KOREAVoice of Korea, 6170 at 1113-1129 with operatic vocals hosted by W and brief EE talks, ID, schedule and closedown anmts, IS at 1130 then about to open in another language. (D’Angelo/FCDX, PA) 9435-Kujang at 1117 with a large chorus of patriotic music. (Barton, AZ) 1422 M with “news” about trade with Australia and many mentions of DPRK, then operatic music and into KK. (Taylor, WI) 11710 at 1226 with emphatic talks by M in KK. (Brossell, WI)
Korea Central Broadcasting Station, 2850 at 1230 with W and long talk in KK. (Barton, AZ)

OMANRadio Sultanate of Oman, 9740 in AA at 2350. (Brossell, WI) 15140 at 1410-1500 with M DJ in EE playing the top 25 hits of the year. Interrupted at 1451 with a prayer, then back to the hits until AA took over at 1500. (Nikolich, IL)

OPPOSITION—Voice of Tibet (to China via Tajikistan), 15540 in (l) Tibetan at 1307. (Brossell, WI)
Denge Kuristania (to Iran, via Issoudun), 9400 at 1335 with phone line talk and background music. (Perry, IL) 1836 in Kurdish with W interviewing M, QRM from WRMI on 9395. (Taylor, WI)
Radio Dabanga (to Sudan via Madagascar), 13800 at 1531 in AA with M ancr and correspondent report. (Taylor, WI)
Radio Free Chosun, (South Korea to North), 7515 at 1407. M ancr with W joining later, into KK pop at 1411. (Taylor, WI)
Voice of the People (South Korea to North), 3480 at 1420 with W in KK over a noise jammer. (Barton, AZ)

PHILIPPINESFar East Broadcasting Co., Manilla, 12070 in Mandarin at 2353. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Veritas Asia, 11945 in Mandarin at 1057. (Brossell, WI) 15355 at *2255 with IS and several IDs alternating, then mentioning that the Filipino language pgm was to start at 2300. (D’Angelo/FCDX, PA)

PIRATES—The Crystal Ship Relay Service, 6850 at 2220 with “John Poet” and The Beat Goes On pgm. (Lobdell, MA) 2236 with psychedelic things and other 1960s oldies. Also 2240 with “Crystal Ship Bubble Gum Express” songs. (Hassig, IL) 6876 at 2350-2356* with misc. rock/pop, ID by M then the “traditional pirate song.” (Lobdell, MA)
Radio Free Whatever, 6950 at 2128 with Dick Weed (w/out Stavin) and lots of things, phone-ins requested to 302-689-6090. (Lobdell, WI)
Stress Radio (Euro), 6270 at 2343 with Dutch polkas and talk by “The Black Bandit”. (Lobdell, MA)
Fredrick Chopin Radio, 6950.1 at 2215 with classical piano. ID by M at 2257 close. (Lobdell, MA)
WABC/Russ Night Oldie Goldie Radio, 6955 at 0121 with “dance” things, WABC ID, promos for the Chicken Man feature, many more tunes and a hyper DJ. Off after the “Happy Trails” song. (Hassig, IL)
Midnight Radio, 6930u at 0022-0029+ with Ave Maria by M opera singer, short ID before fade out or perhaps sign off. (Lobdell, MA) 6950 at 2251, poor with tinny audio. (Hassig, IL)
XFM, 6975 at 0308 weak with pops. (Hassig, IL)
Cold Country Canada, 6925 at 2247 with the song “Don’t Fear the Reaper”. (Hassig, IL) 6925 at 2241-2300 with pop/rock oldies, ID’ing as being on 6969. (Lobdell, MA)
Girl Scout Radio, 6910 at 2248 with dance and rap things and an ad in a young girl’s voice. (Hassig, IL) 2317-0004* with frequent IDs, rap things and PSA for the Girl Scouts. (Lobdell, MA)
Amphetamine Radio, 6950 at 2054-2140* with a rock number, full ID, spoken CW and U.S. national anthem at close. (Lobdell, MA) 2047-2142, M with several IDs, rock and SSTV. Closed with the national anthem. for reports. (D’Angelo/FCDX, PA)
Bangalore Preacher, 6951 at 2312-2320* reading numbers, Lincolnshire Poacher music notes, some catch phrases. Most in an EE- accented Indian language. (D’Angelo/FCDX, PA)
TNX1138, 6925 at 1835 with several rock things. Ancd as using 25 watts. New station. (Lobdell, MA)
Radio Casablanca, 6940 at 2232-2343 with “Rick Blaine” and several 1940 tunes, ID at 2235. (D’Angelo, PA) 2322-2345+ with tunes by Betty Grable, Lew Stone, Ethel Merman, etc., audio clips from the Casablanca movie, which “Shazam” said came from Movie Themes Vol. 17. (Lobdell, MA)
Voice of Pearl Harbor, 6950 at 1405-1432* signing on with air raid sirens, ID by M, news reports on the bombing and FDRs “Day of Infamy” speech. (Lobdell, MA)
Liquid Radio, 6925 at 2300 with dance things, but weak and getting weaker. Also 2315 with dance things. (Hassig, IL) 2340-2350 with a song, short ID by M and fade out. (Lobdell, MA)
WMID, 6880 at *2105-2149* with “Uncle Schlekstein’s Christmas Special” and several non-carols. (Lobdell, MA)
Wolverine Radio, 6930u at 0045 with pop/rock and big band Christmas songs. (Hassig, IL) 6940u at 0035 with old vocal standards, ID and on to a pgm of “world” themes and IDs every third song. (Taylor, WI) 6950u at 0158-0215 with songs containing the word “kisses”. Usual short “Wolverine Radio” IDs by M plus SSTV sounds, (Lobdell, MA)
WHYP, 3440 at 0135-0230* with a “Christmas Through the Years” parody and host Jay Smilstein. (Lobdell, MA)
Laser Hot Hits (Ireland), 4026 at 0307 M ancr over slow instls, laser SFX. (KB2DMD, PA)
X Minus One, 6925u at 0109 with an old time Christmas radio drama, seasonal things and big band music. (Hassig, IL)
Radio Fusion Radio, 6930u at 2339 with punk and heavy metal rock. (Hassig, IL)
Pee Wee Radio, 6925u at 0123-0152*. (Lobdell, MA) 0135 with blues/rock. (Hassig, IL)
Moonbeam Radio, 6930u with blues at 2234. (Hassig, IL)
Renegade Radio, 6935u at 2218 with song "Mexican Radio." (Hassig, IL)
Radio Bingo, 6950 at 2133 with a bingo game (won by John T. Arthur), ID as “6955 Radio Bingo – steel belted” (Lobdell, MA) 6951 at 2127 poor with M talking and laughter. (Hassig, IL)
X-FM Radio, 6955 at 0140 saying “X-FM will begin in ? minutes”, start with music, then fading and really only audible at peaks with Redhat’s unmistakable voice. (Taylor, WI)
Chairman of the Board Radio, 6925u at 2310 with Sinatra songs, M ancr. Off at 2334. (Taylor, WI)
Partial India Radio, 6900 at 2349 with spy/numbers, Beatles things, fading into indistinct talk and then lost. (Taylor, WI)
Radio Azteca, 6900 at 0104 with a waltz, ID, and talk fading in and out. (Taylor, WI)

ROMANIARadio Romania International, 11800-Tiganesti in SS at 0228. (Brossell, WI)

SAO TOME—VOA Relay, 6080 with Daybreak Africa at 0305.
(Brossell, WI) 15580 at 1540 with EE and music. (Padazopulos, Greece)

SAUDI ARABIABSKSA, 11820 at 2153 with recitations and occasional AA ancr. (Sellers, BC)

SINGAPOREBBC Far East Relay Station, 3915 at 2211 with typical BBC EE features. (D’Angelo/FCDX, PA) 6195 at 2205 with ID, news and The Story Hour. (Sellers, BC)

SLOVAKIARadio Slovakia International, 7570 via WRMI with EE news at 2101. (Sellers, BC)

SOUTH AFRICAChannel Africa, 3345-Meyerton at 0309-0328 with news in EE with M and news. Poor, but //6155 was very good. (D’Angelo/FCDX, PA) 0311 with news about South Africa and other parts of Africa, some with an ID at the outro. (Taylor, WI)
Radio Sonder Grense, 3320-Meyerton at 0152 with pops, M/W ancrs in Afrikaans. A drama pgm began featuring music from Peter Gunn. More pops after that and station ID at 0230. (D’Angelo/FCDX, PA) 0314 in Afrikaans. W with contemporary music. (Taylor, WI) 0513 with W and phone interviews in Afrikaans. (KB2DMD, PA)

SOUTH KOREAKBS World Radio, 15575 with news of Korea at 1310. (Brossell, WI)

SUDANSudan Radio, 7205 in AA at 0316. (Brossell, WI)
Voice of Africa, 9505-Al Aitahab, 1807-1842 with W in EE describing songs and artists to 1830, then dead until the start of AA at 1839. (D’Angelo/FCDX, PA)

SURINAMERadio Apinte, Paramaribo, 4990 at 0245 with vocals and rap. Checked several times but this was the best reception. (D’Angelo/FCDX, PA)

SWAZILAND—Trans World Radio, 3200-Manzani at 0257 ending hymn, M preacher, 0300 ID and into another EE religious pgm, 3240 at 0310 in Shona with M preaching, 9500 at 1841 with M ancr, then interview with a W. (Taylor, WI) 4775 in Lomwe at 0345. Good, but some UTE QRM. (Perry, IL) 3200 at *0254 with music box IS, EE ID, and into Ndebele, 9500 at 1853-1902* with M in Swahili. Familiar IS closing pgm, 9940 at *1903 with IS, ID and opening in Lingala, IS again and start of FF at 1935. (D’Angelo/FCDX, PA)

TAIWANRadio Taiwan International, 9735 at 1153 with W in JJ. (Brossell, WI) 9895 via Wooferton at 1900 in FF. ID, M ancr, anthem, W ancr. (Taylor, WI)

THAILANDRadio Thailand, 9390-Udorn at 2043 ending EE news. Another language started at 2045. Used LSB to avoid splatter from 5 kHz up, 13745 at 0002-0029* with EE news and PSAs, ads for Bangkok Airways and “12 Core Values of Thailand”. Paused at 0029 for antenna change then nothing more was heard. (D’Angelo/FCDX, PA)

TURKEYVoice of Turkey, 12035-Emirler at 1355 with Letterbox in EE. (Padazopulos, Greece) 15450 with news at 1304. (Brossell, WI)

UNITED STATES—Voice of America,7235 Northern Marinas Relay at 1349 in the KK service, 11785-Thailand Relay in Mandarin at 1214, 11990 Philippine Relay in (l) KK at 1221,15630 via France in (l) Tigrinya at 1915. (Brossell, WI) 15580 Greenville at 2131 with Country Hits USA. (Sellers, BC)
Radio Ashna, 12075 via Wooferton at 1527 with M in Dari speaking at some length. (Taylor, WI)
Radio Free Asia, 13830 via Tajikistan at 1210 in (l) Tibetan. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 7485 Kuwait Relay at 2100 signing on in RR. ID as “Goverit Radio Svoboda” and into news. (Sellers, BC)
Trans World Radio, 9810 via Sri Lanka at 0054 with a hymn, 0057 ancr with an ID, closing anmts and W with echo effect in (l) Karen language. (Sellers, BC)
Adventist World Radio,15265 via Nauen in (l) Punjabi at 1505. (Brossell, WI)
World Harvest Radio, 15640 Palau relay with a sermon at 1218. (Brossell, WI)

VATICANVatican Radio, 9660 with a report on the Ebola virus at 0306. (Brossell, WI)

ZANZIBARZanzibar Broadcasting Corp., 6015 at 0313 with M in Swahili, some local music, retuned at 0400 for news. Again at 0254 sign on, 5+1 time pips at 0300. Then W in Swahili. (D’Angelo/FCDX, PA) 11735, Dole, at 1814 in Swahili. Domestic music and W ancr. (Taylor, WI) 2030-2130 excellent with great selection of regional pops extended an extra half hour and an interview between M and a young girl. Plug pulled promptly at 2131. (Nikolich, IL) 2046 with local music, M with news at 2047, more anmts including some Swahili rap, 2104 SFX and several “Spice FM” IDs, then more rap. (Sellers, BC) Very good at 2025, but with some sort of swooshing QRM. (Perry, IL)

That’ll wrap us up for this time! High fives, fist bumps and back slaps for the following shortwave stalwarts who cane through this time: 

Chris Lobdell, Tweeksbury, MA
Rich Parker, KB2DMD, Pennsburg, PA
Ralph Perry, Wheaton, IL
Mike Nikolich, N9OVQ, Lake Barrington, IL
Art Delibert, North Bethesda, MD
Rich D’Angelo, Wyomissing, PA and FCDX (French Creek DXpedition, PA)
Mark Taylor, Madison, WI
Harold Sellers, Vernon, BC
William Hassig, Mt. Pleasant, IL
Jerry Ervine, Mission, TX
Dave Valko, Dunbar, PA
Bob Brossell, Pewaukee, WI
Fotios Padazopulos, Athens, Greece
Rick Barton, El Mirage, AZ.

The list keeps growing! Isn’t it time you joined the team?

Until next month, keep on keepin’ on!