Tuesday, December 9, 2014

WPC9GLD's Shortwave Listings for December 2014

By Gerry Dexter, WPC9GLD

Here are this month’s logs. All times are in UTC. Double capital letters are language abbreviations (SS = Spanish, RR = Russian, AA = Arabic, etc.). If no language is mentioned English (EE) is assumed.
ALBANIA - Radio Tirana, 7465-Shijak with news in EE by W, then UD, commentary, domestic vocals. Another ID and close at 2128. (D'Angelo ,PA)
ALGERIA - Radio Akgerienne, 5865 via France with schedule, then off suddenly, (Sellers, BC)
ASCENSION ISLAND - BBC South Atlantic Relay 9460 with world news at 0632, //6005 ad 9915, (Sellers, BC)
ARGENTINA - Radio Argentina Exterior, 15345 in SS at 1135. (Brossell, WI)
AUSTRALIA - Radio Australia, 5995-Brandon with world news at 1101, 17795, //19700 on legalization of marijuana there, (Brossell, WI) 12065-Shepparton at 1240 on legal matters, news and ID, M with pops, (D'Angelo, OPA) ABC Northern Territory Service: VL8A-Alice Springs, 4835 with live concert recordings at 1202. (Brossell, WI) Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB) at 1209 with talks in (l) Rawang. (Brossell, WI)
BOTSWANA - Voice of America, Mopeng Hill, 7460 at *0328 with M and ID at sign on, f/by Yankee Doodle IS and W opening in Kinyarwanda, then M with news in that language. (D'Angelo, WI)
BRAZIL - (All in PP) Super Radio Deus e Amor, Sao Paulo, 9586.4 with long religious talk at 2240, several anmts at 2258, then W hosting a music pgm.(D'Angelo, PA) Voz Missionaria with talks at 1115. (Brossell, WI) Radio Nacional Amazonia,Brasilia,11780 with talks at 2356. (Brossell, WI)
CANADA - CFRX, Toronto, 6070 at 0021with M hosting all-in show, ID at 90029. Later swamped by Cuba. (D'Angelo, PA) CKZN, St. John's (Newfoundland) at 0000 with news. (Brossell, WI)
CHINA - China Radio International, 7445-Urumqi with CC music at 2129, IS another W ancr opening Hungarian pgm. (D'Angelo, PA)9540-Beijing in l) Cantonese at 1135, 9550-Beijing in (l) Vietnamese at 1105, 9725-Hohhot in RR at 11330, 11935-Shijiazhung in RR at 1121, 15245-Kashi with news in EE at 153015410-Kashi with talks in Mandarin at 1428 and 15440-Kunming in Mandarin at 1145. (Brossell, WI)
ENGLAND - BBC, 7285-Wooferton at 0045-0459* with AA pgm and W  with closing anmts, then M with several IDs before carrier termination. (D'Angelo, PA) 15175 Oman Relay in (l) Uzbek at 1324. (Brossell, WI) 15420 via South Africa in (l) Somali at 1411. (Brossell, WI)
INDIA - All India Radio, 15040-Bengaluru at 1231 with flutes and anmts in (l) Burmese, 15050-Delhi at 1120 in (l) Tamil. (Brossell, WI)
IRAN - Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, 9590-Kalamabad with M/W in (l) Bosnian and brief instl music segments, later M with closedown anmt and off. (D'Angelo, PA)
JAPAN - Radio Nikkei, 6005 at 1114 with JJ talks in JJ. (Brossell, WI)
KUWAIT - Radio Kuwait, 17550 with M/W in AA. (Brossell, WI)
MALAYSIA - Sarawak FM, 9835 at 11902 with pops and anmts in (p) Malay. (Brossell, WI)
MICRONESIA - The Cross Radio, Pohnpei, 4755 at 1103 with M leading a prayer service. (Brossell, WI)
NEW ZEALAND - Radio New Zealand Internationa,9700 at 1217 on the upcoming elections there. (Brossell, WI) 11725 at 0644 with a pgm of blues. (Sellers, BC)
NIGERIA - Voice of Nigeria-Ikorodu, 7255 at 2134 with M in (l)n Fulfulde hosting pgm of African vocals and music, (D'Angelo, PA)
NORTH KOREA - Voice of Korea, 9730 at 0628 with band music and a patriotic song, //7220 and 9445. (Sellers, BC) 15180 at 1220 with KK talks by a W. (Brossell, WI) Korean Central Broadcasting Station, 9665 with talks in KK at 1136.(Brossell, WI)
OMAN - Radio Sultanate of Oman, 15355 with AA songs at 2317. (Brossell, WI)
OPPOSITION - Voice of Tibet (Norway via Tajikistan to China), 15545 in (l) Tibetan at 1332. (Brossell, WI) Sound of Hope, Taiwan to China with talks in Mandarin at 1130. (Brossell ,WI) Denge Kurdistana (Via Moldova to Iran), 9400 at 0456 with vocals to ID at 0600, then M with news in Kurdish, back to music at 0506. (D'Angelo, PA) Voice of Hope (South Korea to North), 6003 at 1106 with talks in KK> (Brossell, WI
PAPUA NEW GUINEA - NBC Madang, 3260 at 1101 with songs by W and anmts in Tok Pisin. (Brossell, WI) NBC Southern Highlands, 3275 at 1053 with talks in Tok Pisin.(Brossell, WI) NBC East New Britain, 3285, Rabaul with group singing at 1112. (Brossell, WI)
PHILIPPINES - Far East Broadcasting, Manila, 9430 in Mandarin at 1132. (Brossell, WI) Radio Veritas Asia, 11945 in Mandarin at 1119. (Brossell, WI)WDDR, 6950u at 0245 with DJ who sounded like the guy on Radio Free Whatever, taking requests from people posting on the HF Underground. SSTV/FAX sounds at 0633 and 0635 when they went off after a few comments. (Hassig, IL)
ROMANIA - Radio Romania International, 5910=Tiganesti at 0150 with M hosting classical music in Romanian to0258* termination, 11975-Galbeni at 2036 with M and EE ID, f/by W with various short fetures,15170-Tiganesti, 1553-1557* with W in Romanian to pgm end at 1556, ID and closing anmts then instl to close. (D'Angelo, PA) 9740 in SS at 2309. (Brossell, WI)
SINGAPORE - BBC Far East Relay Station, 15270 at 1150 on Broadway productions, 15285 at 1108 on living conditions in Afghanistan. (Brossell, WI)
SOLOMON ISLANDS - SIBS, 5020 at 1102 relaying BBC news. (Brossell, WI)
SOUTH AFRICA - Channel Africa, 15235 at 1620 in the Oscar Pitoruus trial. (Brossell, WI) Radio Sonder Grense, 7285 at 0455 weakly behind BBC's AA pgm. Was in the clear (but very weak) from 0459 with time pips at 0500 f/by a talk. (D'Angelo, PA) Presumed in Afrikaans
SPAIN - Radio Exterior de Espana, 17595 in PP at 2105. (Brossell ,WI)
TAIWAN - Radio Taiwan International, 11640 in Mandarin at 1123, 11915 in Mandarin at 1129. (Brossell, WI)
TURKEY - Voice of Turkey, 15450 (site?- gld) with world news in EE at 1236. (Brossell, WI)
UNITED STATES - Voice of America, 9490 Northern Marianas,in (l) Korean at 12o03, 9845 Philippine Relay in Mandarin at 1116, 15250 Philippine Relay at 1145 in Mandarin, 15565 Thailand Relay, //15385 Thailand Relay, 17870 Sri Lanka in Mandarin, at 1422. (Brossell, WI) 15110 via Ascension at 2143-2159* with interview in Bambara. Pgm ended at 2155 f/by ID anmts and brief vocals to termination. (D'Angelo, PA)
                      Adventist World Radio, 9860 via Guam in (l) Korean at 1210, 15360 via Sri Lanka at 1630 with EE ID, then hymns, 5390 via Guam in (l) Burmese at 120017605 via Austria with talks in (l) Afar. (Brossell, WI)15275 via Kigali with M in (l) Yoruba .M vocals, W with ID, N Nigerian contact info and off at 2059. (D'Angelo, PA) Global 24, 9395 at 0713 with "Radio France International ID and EE sports pgm.(Sellers, BC) 9395 via Okeechobee at 2224 with The Staph File, hosted by Peter Anthony Holder with brief interview. 2300 station ID mentioning "The next generation of shortwave broadcasting has begun", then a Pacifica pgm. (D'Angelo, PA)
VATICAN - Vatican Radio, 11625 at 0435 with M in FF, news ID at 0439 f/by features. (D'Angelo, PA)at 0638 on the church in Africa. (Sellers, BC) 15595 at 1907 with apparent Latin pgm with choir until suddenly off at 1915. (D'Angelo, PA)Full thanks, high fivrs and back slaps to the following good guys who checked in this month. 
That does it! Many thanks, high fives and back slaps to the good guys who checked in this month: Bob Brossell, Pewaukee, WI; Ralph Perry, Wheaton, IL; William Hassig, Mt. Pleasant, IL, Rich D'Angelo, Wyomissing, PA and Harold Sellers, Vernon, BC, Canada. Thanks to each of you and, until next month, keep on keepin' on!