Thursday, May 21, 2015


Here are this month’s logs. All times are in UTC. Double capital letters are language abbreviations (SS = Spanish, RR = Russian, AA = Arabic, etc.). If no language is mentioned English (EE) is assumed. - Compiled by Gerry Dexter.

ALGERIA - Radio Algeriene, 6145 via France with AA talks at 2205. (Brossell, WI)

ARGENTINA - Radio Argentina al Exterior, 15345 in SS at 2327. (Brossell, WI)

ASCENSION ISLAND - BBC South Atlantic Relay, 11770 with news at 0715. (Padazopulos, Greece)

AUSTRALIA - Radio Australia, 5995-Brandon with world news at 1230. Brandon was apparently closed at the end of January. (Brossell, WI) 12065, 12085 at 1320 and 13630-(all Shepparton) at 0425 all with EE commentary. (Padazopulos, Greece) 17840 at 2122 but poor, discussing markets and economics in the Pacific region. (Sellers, BC)
ABC Northern Territory Service, 4835-Alice Springs with news at 1302. (Brossell, WI)
Reach Beyond Australia/HCJB, 12115 at 1500 ending interview with a former drug user. (Brossell, WI)

BANGLADESH - Bangladesh Betar, 4750 with news in Bengali at 1409. (Sellers, BC) 9445 at 1315 with IS, ID and talks in (l) Bengali. (Brossell, WI) 15105 at *1228-1308 with familiar IS, 6+1 time pips, W with opening ID and frequency anmts starting the EE service. News and commentary and a discussion of recent cabinet meetings, then local music to closing. 15505 at *1359-1406 similar to 15105 s/on in Urdu. News by M after flutes. (D'Angelo, FCDX,PA)

BELARUS - 6155 at 2132-2205 with instls, M with EE ID, more selections, an ID and a long feature on real estate and landlords there. Into RR at 2200. (D'Angelo, FCDX-PA)

BRAZIL - (All in PP - gld)
Radio Daqui, Goiania, 4915 at 2352 with Brazil pops, jingle ID, closedown ID and frequency anmt at 0002, then off. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Radio Rio Mar, Manaus, 9695 at 1115 with long discussion, ID at 1131, f/by several anmts, IDs and promos, another ID at 1135, then a music segment. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Super Radio Deus e Amor, Curitiba, 11764.5 at 0132 with long religious talk, choir, f/by listener phone-ins. (D'Angelo, PA)
Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, 11855 at 0347 with M/W talk, ID at 0400, then vocals. (D'Angelo, PA)

BOTSWANA - VOA Relay, 9490-Mopeng Hill with EE/FF lesson, including some vocals at pgm end. M with ID and anmts at 2128 close. (D'Angelo, PA)

CANADA - CFRX, Toronto, 6070 at 0402 wiyh news. (Sellers, BC) 0857 ending a discussion feature, f/by ID and M with news. (D'Angelo, PA)
CKZN St. John's (Newfoundland), 6160 at 0305 ending CBC News, f/by local weather, then features. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Bible Voice Broadcasting, 11790 via Madagascar at 0216 with man and long EE talk. ID at 0229, M over instl, f/by another religious pgm. (D'Angelo, PA) UAE relay on anniversary of flight MH-370's disapper

CHINA - China Radio International, 6175-Beijing in Mandarin at 1306, 9415-Beijing in (l) Vietnamese at 2303, 9720-Xi'an in (l) Tagalog at 1215, 9730-Beijing with news headlines at 1300, 9745-Urmqi in (l) Esperanto at 2024 and shutdown at 2027,15205-Kashi in FF at 1303. (Brossell, WI) 11665-Urumqi with EE news at 1405, 13710-Kashi with the same. (Padazopulos, Greece) 9590-Kashi at 0137 with 2 M in SS and non-stop CC music pgm from 0144, fanfare at 0159, then M with ID, 11710-Urumqi with W in RR and segments of CC instls, f/by M/W ending the music, more instls to carrier off at 0359. (D'Angelo, PA)
CPBS/China National Radio: Voice of the Strait, Fuzhou 4940, at 1156 with a vocal, f/by 5+1 time pips, W in CC, then M with news. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA) 1259 with violin music, time pips at 1300 and ID in Mandarin, Xizang PBS, 6200-Lhasa with W in (l) Tibetan. (Brossell, WI)

CUBA - Radio Havana Cuba, 5040 and 6060 in SS at 0425, 6000 at 0425, 17730 at 1355. (Padazopulos, Greece)
Radio Rebelde, 5025 with music in SS at 0340. (Padazopulos, Greece)
Radio Progresso, 4765 at 0230 with nice Latin music, hosted by M in SS with periodic IDs. (D'Angelo, PA)

ENGLAND - BBC, 5875 Thailand Relay reporting on the Ukraine situation at 1309, //6195-Singapore Relay, 7510-Thailand Relay at 0039-0059* with 2 M in (l) Bangala, carrier cut in mid-sentence. (D'Angelo, PA) 11895-Thailand Relay with world news at 1230, 17780-Oman Relay with M in (l) Uzbek at 1323.(Brossell, WI) 12095-via UAE on first anniversary of disappearance of flight MH-370, //9460. (Sellers, BC)Meyerton with EE news at 0725. (Padazopulos, Greece)

ECUADOR - HCJB, 9530-Ascension Relay at 2155 carrying the Akhbar Mafriha service in (l) Pushto. (Brossell, WI)

EGYPT - Radio Cairo 9900 with piano music at 2218. (Brossell, WI)

ETHIOPIA - Radio Fana, Addis Ababa, 6110 at *0259 with IS f/by M with opening ID and anmts, news. Nice ID at 0305, then music pgm. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)

FRANCE - Radio France International, 7205 at 2123 with long FF talk ending with musical segment, then W with ID, f/by a discussion pgm, 17620 at 1728 with 2 M and a discussion in FF. ID around 1730 and the discussion continued. (D'Angelo, PA) 9900 via Taiwan in Mandarin at 1238, 17620 in FF at 1734. (Brossell, WI)

GERMANY - Deutsche Welle, 6040 Rwanda Relay at *0258 with M and opening ID and Swahili anmts, news, then another ID at 0308. Splatter made reception difficult. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Radio Oomrang - the Friesan Voice of Amran, 15215 via France at *1600-1700* re-airing the February 21 broadcast with a nice EE ID before som Frisian language talk, then a series of interviews using both languages, then contact info as carier was terminated. The much easier EE content this year made this annual broadcast more enjoyable. (D'Angelo, PA)

GREECE - ERT, 9935 with songs and brief anmts in Greek at 2125. (Brossell, WI)

GUYANA - Voice of Guyana, 3290 at 0312 with pgm of non-stop romantic vocals then BBC news. Nice to hear them again. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA) 0405 with BBC news, but very weak. (Sellers, BC) 0707 with M/W in EE. (Barton, AZ)

INDIA - All India Radio, 4920-Chennai in (l) Tamil at 1241, 5010-Thiruvananthapuram with talks in (l) Malay at 1252, 9445-Bengaluru on continuing talks with neighboring countries. Full ID at 2134, 9575-Bengaluru in (l) Tibetan at 1220. (Brossell, WI) 11670 at 2101 with W reading news, fair and //9445.(Sellers, BC)
Trans World Radio-India, 15755 via Tashkent at 1327 ending pgm in (l) Dogri language, ID and contact info. Then opened in Hindi with IS, ID and talk at 1330. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)

IRAN - VOIRI, 9655 in (l) Albanian at 2055. (Brossell, WI) 17715 at 1324 with IS and into Farsi. (Padazopulos, Greece)

JAPAN - Radio Japan, 6195-Cyprus Creek at 0908 in PP with talks and music features. (D'Angelo, PA) 9750 in JJ at 1252, 11950 in FF at 2051. (Brossell, WI) 11800-Meyerton with EE news at 1805. (Padazopulos, Greece)
Radio Nikkei, Nagara, 3925 at 1138 with M in JJ f/by W and musical pgmng. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA) 1330 with W and jazz vocal and sax music, Heavy ARO QRM. (Barton, AZ) 9595 with talks in JJ at 1403. (Brossell, WI)

LIBERIA - ELWA, Monrovia, 6050 at 2152 with M and long religious talk (apparently a canned pgm package), ID and TC at 2200, f/by more canned religious pgms. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)

MADAGASCAR - Adventist World Radio, 15480-Talata at 1947 with AA vocals, M with closedown anmts at 1959, instls until carrier cut. (D'Angelo, PA)

MEXICO - Radio Educacion, Ciudad Mexico, 6185 at 0404 with M/W ancrs, SS talks and several IDs. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA) 0415 with a full ID, rooster call and pgm open. Strong signal, low modulation. (Sellers, BC)

MICRONEISIA -The Cross Radio, 4755 at 1131 with a sermon. Weak under noise. (Brossell, WI)

MOROCCO - Radio Medi Un, 9575-Nador with continuous music to 0500, when W with AA ID and news, more music at 0507. (D'Angelo, PA)

NETHERLANDS - The Mighty KBC Radio, 7375-Nauen at 0130-0159* with usual rock stuff, several IDs, jingle IDs and numerous ads for KBC imports. A digital segment with Kim Andrew Elliot at 0131. Off after more anmts at 0159*. (D'Angelo, PA)

NEW ZEALAND - Radio New Zealand International, 5950 at 1315 on accusations of  black magic being used in Vanuatu. (Brossell, WI)

NIGERIA - Radio Nigeria, Kaduna, 6089.8 at 2116 with M and phone interview of another in Hausa, music pgm with tribal vocals at 2129. Anguilla's carrier opened at 2200, audio started at 2202 swamping Kaduna. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)

NORTH KOREA - Voice of Korea, Pyongyang, 9435 at *1300-1356* with IS, ID and usual anthems. EE news by M/W team, then operatic vocals and classical music, //11710. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA) 1400 with FF ID, then apparent news in FF. (Brossell, WI)
Korean Central Broadcasting Station, 2850 at 1240 with W chorus and a soprano, instead of the usual all male military chorus. (Barton, AZ)
Pyongyang Broadcasting Station, 3320 at 1320 with long talk by W in KK. Didn't sound as if it were synched with 3250. (Barton, AZ)

OMAN - Radio Sultanate of Oman, 11650-Thumrait, in AA at 2146 with M in AA hosting pgm of vocals, ID at 2159, then soft instls f/by M/W ancrs. (D'Angelo, PA) 15140 at 1420-1515 with EE service and W giving IDs for 90.4 FM, hosting pgm of current pop. News at 1430, f/by more pop. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA) 1647 with AA talks. (Barton, AZ)

OPPOSITION - Voice of Assenna (via France to Eritrea), 11720 at 1748 with M in (p) Tigrinya f/by HOA vocals then more HOA vocals to 1757*. (D'Angelo, PA)
Oromo Voice Radio, (via France to Ethiopia), 17850 at 1603-1630* with M ancr intro'ing various remote speakers, brief HOA music, W with EE ID at 1615 and into EE segment and M in studio interview on a youth sports organization. Some sort of jamming reduced reception quality. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Radio Xoriyo, (via France to Ethiopia), 17870 at *1600-1630* opening with HOA music, M in Somali anmts after and (p) ID. Similar jamming to O.V.R., above. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Shiokaze (Japan to North Korea), 5985 at 1401 with W giving email address, ID over piano and ID "This is Shiokaze - Seabreeze - from Tokyo, Japan", then into feature which I think was Today's Newsflash. (Sellers, BC)
Nippon No Kaze, (via Taiwan to North Korea), 9950 in KK at 1313. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Impala, 17540 (via Madagascar to Rwanda), in (l) Kinyarwanda at 1723. (Brossell, WI)

PERU - Radio Tarma, Tarma, 4775 at 2323 with M and IDs, long SS talk, then OA vocals, talks, ads, IDs after music. CODAR QRM. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)

PHILIPPINES - Radio Philipinas, Tinang, 15190 several W in Filipino, ID mentioning Philippines Broadcasting Service by M after some pops. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Radio Veritas Asia, 15100 via Vatican at 1514-1535 with M and long religious talks in Tagalog with some EE words. ID at 1532. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA) 15330 via Vatican at 1452 with talks in (l) Urdu. (Brossell, WI)
Far East Broadcasting Company, 9405-Bocaue, 2255-2304 in Mandarin and M closing prayer with "amen", f/by W with another long talk in Mandarin. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA) 2230 with IS, ID and Mandarin talks, 9920 with M in listed Bru language, 9930 at 1310 with singing in Mandarin, then comments on it. (Brossell, WI)

PIRATES - The Crystal Ship, 6850.5 at 0025-0040 with (p) "The Poet", ID and 80s things. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA) 6876 at 0013 with pop/rock.
Captain Morgan Shortwave, 6924.3 at 0108-0111* with rock vocal prior to the Twilight Zone theme, multiple IDs and email as for reports. (D'Angelo, PA)
Hard Tack Radio, 6930u at *2358-0008* with instls, M with ID with music of the Civil War period. Closedown included email address as (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)
LRA, 6930u at 2313-0045 mostly non-stop rap with very little conversation, anmts or IDs. Long periods of dead air between numbers. Seemed to be a mention of LRA plus an interview around 0030. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)
XFM, 6965 at 0218 with wide variety of selections. (Hassig, IL) 0435 with pops, mentioning "C-QUAM" and "This is XFM Shortwave". (Sellers, BC)
Radio Appalachia, 6935 with oldtime country things, apparently from the Grand Ol' Opry. (Hassig, IL)
CYOT, 6930 with a version of "King of Rock and Roll" at the end of the broadcast. (Hassig, IL)
Old Time Radio, 6770 at 0317 with vintage comls f/by big band music, Abbot and Costello routine, recruitment ads for the Marines. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)  0354 weak with a bit of swing music poking above the noise. (Hassig, IL)
Wolverine Radio, 6940u at 0115 with songs containing "river", played an old 78rpm at the beginning, SSTV/FAX effects at 0212. (Hassig, IL) 0207-0213* closedown ID "Wolverine" and SSTV effect. (D'Angelo, PA) 6950 at 0127 ending bcst with SSTV/FAX effects at 0128. Also 6940u at 0125 with good variety of big band, blues, swing, jazz, pop, rock. (Hassig, IL)
Radio True North, 6950 at 0230 with variety of music in and out of the noise floor. ID via HFU. (Hassig, IL)
Radio Ronin, 6925u at 0005, but poor at noise floor, chimes at 0018. (Hassig, IL)
WEAK, 6925u at 0055 with oldies, McDonalds spoof, ad with four-letter words, punk rock, more ads. (Not the WEAK from the early 2000s. (Hassig, IL)
KCPR, 6950u at 0307 with a pop song. (Hassig, IL)  
Frederic Chopin Radio, 6940u at 0153 with classical piano, M with ID at 0202, instls to carrier cut. (D'Angelo, PA) 0156 with a classical piano, ID, music piece, then national anthem-like piece and off. (Hassig, IL)
Liquid Radio, 6925.3 at 0142 with "industrial dance" stuff. (Hassig, IL)

ROMANIA - Radio Romania International, 6020-Galbeni with EE commentary at 0440. (Padazopulos, Greece) 11800-Tiganesti at 0340-0357* with W in SS, ID at 0350, then some music, closing ID at 0354, closedown anmts, light instl, IS until off, 11870-Tiganesti at 2246-2257* with M and SS talk. Closedown ID and anmts by M/W, light instl and IS before going off. (D'Angelo, PA)

RWANDA - Radio Rwanda, 6055 at 2039-2100* with M and FF talk, 2059 M with ID and apparent news was cut off in mid-sentence ending the transmission. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)

SAO TOME - VOA Relay, 4960 with sports at 1831, 15580 with news at 1405. (Padazopulos, Greece) 6080 with song from the Hit Parade at 2153, 9620 with M/W talks in (l) Bambara, 15455 at 1720 in listed Zomi-Chin language. (Brossell, WI) 9490 at *2130 with M opening ID then into (l) Bambara, 12070 at 0700 in Hausa. Good on an otherwise dead band. (Barton, AZ)

SAUDI ARABIA - BSKSA, 9675 in (l) Turkish at 2032, 15225 with AA conversation at 1716. (Brossell, WI) 15205-Ridyah at 1736-1758* with M in AA, f/by Qu'ran recitations,17560-Riyadh at 1721 with M and Holy Qu'ran pgm, then M with AA talk. (D'Angelo, PA)

SERBIA - International Radio of Serbia, 6100-Bijeljina at *2157-2209 with IS, f/by trumpet fanfare and opening of EE pgm. Another ID then news. Seemed to be another station opening on the co-channel. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA) 2200 with IS, ID and news. (Brossell, WI)

SOMALIA - Radio Hargeisa, 7120 at *0330 with HOA musical opening, f/by M in Somali and another with a recitation. AROs picked up strength after 0400. (D'Angelo, PA)

SOUTH AFRICA - Channel Africa, 3345-Meyerton at 0327 with M/W in EE discussion f/by good morning to listeners and news items on Nigeria and ISIS, several promos for Channel Africa. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Radio Sonder Grense, 3320-Meyerton at 0342 with pops hosted by M in Afrikaans. Ancr was cut off in mid-sentence in an apparent switch to unheard 7285 at 0400. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)

SOUTH KOREA - KBS World Radio, 9805  in (l) Indonesian at 2222. (Brossell, WI)

SRI LANKA - Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corp., 11905 at 0202 with beautiful local music and W vocals, brief Hindi talks in between. (D'Angelo, PA)

SUDAN - Radio Omdurman, 7205 at 0350-0420* with M in AA hosting music pgm f/by ID at 0359, time pips, another ID and news, quick anmt before off at 0420. (D'Angelo, PA; Sellers, BC))

SWAZILAND - Trans World Radio, 3240-Manzini at 0337-0341* with children singing, M in (l) Ndau, EE ID at 0340, familiar IS and carrier cut. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA) 4775 at 0407 with M and long religious talk in GG with segments of light instls. (D'Angelo, PA)

TAIWAN - Radio Taiwan International, 3965 via France at 1705, 11975-Tamsui and 13810 via France with EE news at 1605. (Padazopulos, Greece) 5010-(p) Kohou at 2254-2307 with M in CC, brief instl, W talk, 4 +1 time pips at 2200 and talk by W. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)

THAILAND - Radio Thailand, 9390 at 2102-2115* with W in Thai language and nice musical selections. Final vocal cut in mid-lyric at 2115, 13745 World Service at 0002 with W and EE news, M doing interview, plenty of comls. Break in pgm at 0029 then starting again with the same news story as earlier. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)

TURKEY -  9655 at 0426 ending Today in History, then an ID, //7240. (Sellers, BC)

UNITED STATES - Voice of America, 7235 Philippines Relay in (l) Korean at 1221, 9545 Philippine Relay in Mandarin at 2239,15110 at 2155 in (l) Barbara. (Brossell, WI) 11900 via Nauen with M in (l) Amharic, end of pgm at 1846, instls, f/by a discussion with  remote reports. Instl at 1856 and closing anmts. 9deep fades. (D'angelo, PA) 15580-Greenville at 2117 discussing music  and performers of top 20 hits. (Sellers, BC)
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty 5885 Kuwait Relay at 2046 with classic jazz, M in RR hosting to closedown, 7475 Kuwait Relay at 2122-2159* with RR talk to 2130, ID, W hosting news features. Closed at 2157 with several anmts and IDs. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Radio Free Asia, 9455 Northern Marianas Relay, in Mandarin at 2047. (Brossell, WI)
Adventist World Radio, 11980 via Austria at 2125 with a prayer closing pgm, contact info, trumpet and other horns, then instl music to off at 2129:30. (Sellers, BC) 15275 via Rwanda with W in (l) Yoruba, 17575 in (l) Somali at 1655. (Brossell, WI) 17800 via Rwanda at 1939-2030* Fulfulde language with ID at 1956, f/by instl, then into FF. (D'Angelo, PA)
WRMI, 7570 at 0300 with a repeat of the "Shortwave Shindig" featuring attendees at the 2014 SWL Fest. (D'Angelo, PA)
KLDE, El Dorado, Texas, 25910 at 2014 with lively LA vocals and some comls. Also 25990 at 2046 with LA music pgmg, // 25910 which was much better. (D'Angelo, PA) (An STL - gld)

VATICAN CITY - 9755 with talks in AA at 2150, 15470 via Philippines in (l) Malay at 1519.  (Brossell, WI)

VIETNAM - Voice of Vietnam, 6135 via Wooferton at 2016-2030* in RR with M/W discussion. (D'Angelo, FCDX, PA)

ZANZIBAR - Zanzibar Broadcasting Corp., 11735 at 1909-2100* with M in Somali, nice local vocals hosted by W. 5+1 time pips at 2000, then some anmts before returning to music. (D'Angelo, PA)

WHO GOES THERE? (unidentifieds) - 6925.35 at 0215 with "industrial dance music", 6927 at 0110 playing "Ghost Riders in the Sky", 6949.5 at 0215 with song "Don't Let Me Down" 6950 at 0045 with just bits of audio in and out of the noise floor. (Hassig, IL)


Here are this month’s logs. All times are in UTC. Double capital letters are language abbreviations (SS = Spanish, RR = Russian, AA = Arabic, etc.). If no language is mentioned then English (EE) is assumed. - Compiled by Gerry Dexter.

ASCENSION ISLAND - BBC South Atlantic Relay Station, 6005 at 0540 with news. (Padazopulos, Greece) 11810 with World Service at 2057 ending music, pgm previews, ID, more previews, time pips at 2100 and M with news, 17780 at 1757-1759* W with pgm previews, ID and closedown. (D'Angelo, PA)

 AUSTRALIA - Radio Australia, 5940-Shepparton with Dr. Who        pgm at 1540, 7410 at 0750 with an interview. (Barton, AZ) 11650-Shepparton at 2023 and news at 2100. (D'Angelo, PA) 5995-Brandon at 1150 covering live soccer. (Brossell, WI)
ABC Northern Territory Service, VL8A-Alice Springs, 4835 with news at 1202. (Brossell, WI)
Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB), 12115-Kununurra with commentary at 1400. (Padazopulos, Greece) 15400 with M in (l) Indonesian. Off at 1300 after an EE ID. (Brossell, WI)

BANGLADESH - Radio Bangladesh, 9455 at 1317 with drums, flutes and talks in (l) Nepali, 15105 at 1240 with W doing news. (Brossell, WI) 

BOTSWANA - Voice of America Relay, 9490-Mopeng Hill at 2106 in EE-FF lesson with some vocals near pgm end, then M with closedown anmts at 2128, 11840-Mopeng Hill at 1936-1951 in FF with M talk, several IDs and news features. (D'Angelo, PA) 

BRAZIL - (all in PP - gld)
Radio Aparecdia, Aparecida, 6135 with a religious talk at 2334, //9630 and 11835. (Sellers, BC) 11835 at 2203-2226 with M talk, group song, more talks and vocals to ID at 2225, f/by a long religious talk, also noted at 0357-0414 with talk and ID at 0400. (D'Angelo, PA)
Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, 11780 at 1045 with lively music and M DJ, ID by M at 1055. They're not usually heard this well after around 0800/0900. (Barton, AZ) 2152 with talks by a M. (Brossell, WI) 

CANADA - CFRX, Toronto, 6070 at 0438 on the closing of all the Canadian Target stores, then commercials. (Sellers, BC) 0847-0908 closing a discussion feature  and ID at 0900, WX at 0904. (D'Angelo, PA)
CFVP, Calgary, 6030 at 1253 with bits of a comedy routine. No Radio Marti or its jammer. (Taylor, WI)
CKZN, St. John's (Newfoundland), 6160 at 0711 with CBC's The Current Review. CKZU-Vancouver was very weak in the background. (Sellers, BC)

CHINA - China Radio International, 6185 at 2332 in Mongolian, then a Mandarin ID, f/by M/W with Mongolian music, Off at listed 2357, 11665 at 1425 very poor with co-channel Malaysia. (Sellers, BC) 7255-Shijiazhuang at 1259 in RR with traditional CC music, M/W ancrs. (Taylor, WI) 7285 via Albania at 2157-2200 with end of an EE-CC language lesson, ID at closedown. (D'Angelo, PA) 9590-Shijiazhuang with W in RR at 1206, 9645-Beijing with interview of Henry Kissinger on China's economy, 9665-Jinhua in (l) Sinhalese at 1406, 9705-Kashi at 1507 with M in Mandarin,11875-Kunming at 1135 with songs and anmts in Mandarin. (Brossell, WI), 9765-Baoji and 9795-Urumqi at 1432, 11660-Urumqi in EE at 1428, 15120-Beijing, 17730-Xi'an and 17855-Beijing in EE at 0530, 17705-Kashi with news at 0601, 11625 and 13765 in PP at 0535. (Padazopulos, Greece) 11710-Urumqi with W in (l) RR at 0357 and segments of CC music, M/W talk, then more instl to carrier cut at 0359. (D'Angelo, PA)
China National Radio/CPBS: Voice of Jingling, 6200 - (p) Nanning at 1320 in Mandarin, M/W and traditional CC music, CNR-2, 7265-Baoji at 1303 with long talk by M in Mandarin. (Taylor, WI)

ECUADOR - HCJB, 6050-Pinchincha at 0458 ending a song, NA, 0500 anmts in SS, time pips and off. (Sellers, BC) 9530 via Ascension in (l) Fulani at 2145. (Brossell, WI) Radio Akbar Mufiha (HCJB), 9530 (to North Africa via Ascension), in AA at 2206 with M and long talk. (Taylor, WI) 

EGYPT - Radio Cairo, 9965 at 0022 with AA songs. (Brossell, WI) 

ENGLAND - BBC, 9410 Oman Relay at 0418, 12095 via UAE at 0440 with commentary. (Padazopulos, Greece) 11875 Oman Relay at 2046-2059* with M/W in AA, light instl at 2057, W with ID and closedown anmt. (D'Angelo, PA) 

FRANCE- Radio France International, 9540-Issoudun at 2026-2030* with pops, W in Hausa, ID and closedown, 11605-via Meyerton at 0502-0543 with M/W and news in FF, f/by ID and news features. 17620-Issoudun at 1728-1747 with discussion in FF, IDs and continuing. (D'Angelo, PA)
9900 Taiwan Relay in Mandarin at 1245, 15395 in (l) Farsi at 1541. (Brossell, WI) 7390-Issoudun with news in FF at 0545. (Padazopulos, Greece)

GERMANY - Deutsche Welle, 9610 Rwanda Relay with IS at 1558 and 1600 into Amharic pgm.(Sellers, BC)
Norddeutscher Rundfunk, 9640-Nauen at 2227-2300* with its annual Christmas pgm and various talks, features, IDs. (D'Angelo, PA)
Rhein Main Radio Club, 9585-via (t) Sitkunai (Lithuania), at 2213-2245, but poorly heard. (D'Angelo, PA)

GREECE - Voice of Greece, 9935 with songs and anmts in Greek at 0025. (Brossell, WI)  

GUYANA - Voice of Guyana, 3290 at 0626 with BBC programming //9460 (Ascension - gld - ?) profiling a Lebanese band, BBC News at 0700. (Sellers, BC) 

INDIA - All India Radio, 9445-Bengaluru at 2147-2220 with Hindi vocals to 2200 when ID and EE news pgm, commentary on Pakistan at 2210, 11670-Bengaluru at 2102 with W and EE news, ID for GOS, commentary at 2205 and into Hindi music. (D'Angelo, PA) 11620-Bengaluru at 0018 with talks in (l) Urdu. (Brossell, WI)
Trans World Radio-India, 7305 via Uzbekistan at 1537 in (l) Punjabi with translation of an EE preacher, 11635 via Armenia at 1537 in (l) Urdu; also 7505-via Uzbekistan with similar pgm, but in (l) Punjabi. (Sellers, BC)

IRAN - Voice of Palestine, 7250 from (p) Kalamabad in AA at 0352 with interview between two M. (Taylor, WI)
VOIRI, 9445 at 0040 with piano music and anmts in SS. (Brossell, WI) 9480-Kalamabad in SS at 0132, 13865-Sirjan and 15530-Kalamabad in SS at 0537. (Padazopulos, Greece)

JAPAN - NHK World-Radio Japan, 5960 via France and 9620-Nauen in JJ at 0420. (Padazopulos, Greece) 6195 via Cypress Creek at 0908 with PP talks and music. (D'Angelo, PA) 9750 at 1620 with M/W in JJ, 12015 at 0815 with M/W JJ talk, f/by Spanish guitar. (Barton, AZ) 9750 with W in JJ at 1311, 11950-via Madagascar in FF at 2045. (Brossell, WI) 11695 via Uzbekistan at 1401 sign on and news with M/W. (Sellers, BC)
Radio Nikkei, 9595 in JJ at 1140. (Brossell, WI)

MALAYSIA - Sarawak FM, 9835 at 1137 with talks in Malay. (Brossell, WI)

MICRONESIA - The Cross Radio, 4755-Pohnpei at 1123 with a sermon. (Brossell, WI)  

MONGOLIA - Mongolian Radio (p) 4895 at 1312. (Brossell, WI)   (the Testosterone log of the month!)

 MOROCCO - Radio Medi Un, Nador, 9575 at 0449-0520 with continuous music to 0500 when W in AA gave ID and news, more music from 0506. (D'Angelo, PA) 

MYANMAR - Thazin Radio, Phin Oo Lwin (t), 7345 at 1308 with indigenous music and W in unid language. (Taylor, WI) 

NEW ZEALAND - Radio New Zealand International, 9700 at 1104 with Pacific region news. (Brossell, WI) 9765 at 1030, 13840 with W hosting rock at 1120. (Barton, AZ) 11725 at 0554-0613 with pgm previews, piano selection, 4+1 time pips at 0600, ID and news. (D'Angelo, PA)

NIGERIA - Voice of Nigeria, 9690-Ikorodu with W ancr in Hausa at 2052-2057* f/by tribal music and off. (D'Angelo, PA) 

NORTH KOREA - Voice of Korea, 9435 at 1500 with IS, sign on, news by M, taking heavy adjacent channel interference. It was stronger on 11710. (Barton, AZ) 9445 at 1145 with victory songs and anmts in Mandarin. (Brossell, WI)
 Korean Central Broadcasting Station, 2850 at 1330 with a somber W in KK, symphonic music and military choir. This one, usually irregular, was at good strength. (Barton, AZ) 9665 at 1225 with W in rapid KK. (Brossell, WI)

OMAN - Radio Sultanate Oman, 9505 Thumrait with news at 0102. (Sellers, BC) 15140 with M/W in AA at 2108. (Brossell, WI) 

OPPOSITION - Voice of Assenna (via France to Eritrea), 11720 at 1748-1757 with M in Tigrinya f/by HOA vocals; carrier off after the second selection. (D'Angelo, PA)
Fursato No Kaze (Japan to North Korea), 9960 via Palau with W in JJ at 1440. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Dabanga (via Vatican to Sudan), 7315 in AA at 0444-0458* with long talk, f/by local music at 0452 with ID and closedown. (D'Angelo, PA) 0556 with W/M ancrs in AA at 0556. Off at 0557. (Taylor, WI)
Denge Kurdistana (via Grigoriopol, Moldova, to Iran), 9400 at 1421 in Kurdish with domestic music. (Taylor, PA)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - NBC East New Britain, Rabaul (New Britain), 3385 at 1102 with M in (l) Tok Pisin. (Brossell, WI) 
PHILIPPINES - Radio Veritas via Vatican, 15330 at 1446 with talks by W in (l) Urdu. (Brossell, WI)
Far East Broadcasting, 9400//9430 with M in Mandarin at 1236. (Brossell, WI)

PIRATES - Radio Free Whatever, 6925u at 0008-0108 mentioning "this is a test, comrade", sign on with the old USSR national anthem then strange rock tunes and occasional CW QRM, 6935u at 0219 and punk rock with much talk by Dick Weed".  (Hassig, IL)
Captain Morgan, 6929u at 0120 with blues, chain saw SFX, more selections. (Hassig, IL)
XLR8, 6925u at 2350 with rock and punk, 6930u at 0223 with punk and heavy metal. (Hassig, IL)
Radio Clandestine, 6925 with various songs, ID, rock, some 1950 songs, ID, Mr. Wizard spoof, soul songs, old rock. (Hassig, IL)
The Crystal Ship, 6850 with Commander Bunny, with 80s songs, "the official voice of the Blue States Republic". (Hassig, IL)
Radio Clandestine, 6925 at 0000 with various early rock things, various spoofs, old rock. (Hassig, IL)
Whiskey Redneck Radio, 6935.1u at 0247 with C&W things, talk of power and grounding problems at home, Waylon Jennings songs.(Hassig, IL)
Wolverine Radio, 6950u at 0101 with variety of tunes with the word "bad" in them, SSTV/FAX effects at 0158. (Hassig, IL)
Liquid Radio, 6925.2 at 2301 with somber rock things. Also possibly at 0100 and at 0154. (Hassig, IL)
WMFQ, 6885.6 at 2337 with multiple IDs including "Where's My F*****QSL" and various older pop things. (D'Angelo, PA)
Bangalore Preacher, 6925.2 at 2224-2227 with the familiar "Lincolnshire Poacher" IS as the station left the air. HF Underground confirms ID. Noted again at 2205-2205* with CW, quick talk and the Poacher theme again. (D'Angelo, PA)

ROMANIA - Radio Romania International, 6020-Galbeni and 7430-Tiganesti in EE at 0415, 15460-Tiganesti with news at 1205. (Padazopulos, Greece) 7345 at 0653 with a report, 0655 closing anmts. (Sellers, BC) 11800-Tiganesti at 0340-0357* with W in SS, M ID 0350, closing ID at 0354, ending anmts, light instl to carrier off, 11870-Tiganesti in SS at 2246-2257 with music to SS talk by M closedown ID and anmts by M/W, light instl and IS. (D'Angelo, PA) 11945 at 1312 with talks in AA by a W. (Brossell, WI) 
SAO TOME - Voice of America, Pinheira Relay, 4960 at 0430 with a commentary. (Padazopulos, Greece) 2130 M opening with anmt and into (l) Bambara language. (D'Angelo, PA) 

SAUDI ARABIA - BSKSA, 15205-Riyadh at 1736 with M in AA and Qu'ran recitations,17560-Ridyah at 1721-1743 with M and Holy Koran Service, f/by M with AA talk. (D'Angelo, PA) 

SERBIA - International Radio of Serbia, 6100-Bijeljina with W in FF and some local song, ID at 2158 and closedown, then IS and opening in EE. (D'Angelo, PA) 

SINGAPORE - BBC Far East Relay Station, 7465 at 1513 with a "football" report, //9505 from Oman. (Sellers, BC) 15285 at 1147 interviewing an artist. (Brossell, WI) 

SOUTH AFRICA - Radio Sonder Grense, 7285-Meyerton in Afrikaans at 0359 with W talk over music, 0400 ID, then W/M ancrs and another ID in passing. (Taylor, WI) 

SOUTH KOREA - KBS World Radio, 9620 with soccer at 2034, 12030 with commentary at 2225 in SS. (Padazopulos, Greece) 15575 with KK lessons at 1338. (Brossell, WI) 

SPAIN - Radio Exterior de Espana, 9620 at 2040 with a soccer match.  9620 seems to have been the only frequency in use. (Padazopulos, Greece) 2225-2305 with W and SS hosting Christmas pgm, ID, several anmts and a few minutes of IS. (D'Angelo, PA) 2247 with a lengthy report on Nigeria's Boko Haram, //11685 and 11940. (Sellers, BC) 

SUDAN - Radio Omdurman (p), 7200 at 0410 with M in long AA talk to carrier end. No ID noted. (D'Angelo, PA) 

SWAZILAND - Trans World Radio-Africa, 4775-Manzini, 0407-0432 with M and a long religious talk and light instl segments. (D'Angelo, PA) 9585 at 1454 with IS and ID, 1455 sign on in FF. Scheduled for Sat/Sun. (Sellers, BC) 
TAIWAN - Radio Taiwan International, 3965 in SS at 1815. (Padazpulos, Greece) 11915 in (l) Hakka at 1253 and 15265 with talks in Mandarin at 1354. (Brossell, WI)
Voice of Han, 9745 at 1326 with W talk in Mandarin. (Brossell, WI)

THAILAND - Radio Thailand, 5875 at 1108 with M in (l) Khmer. (Brossell, WI) 9390-Udon Thani with news in EE at 2030. (Padazopulos, Greece) 
TURKEY - Voice of Turkey, 5980 with talks in TT at 2138. (Brossell, WI) 9420 with TT music at 0438. (Padazopulos, Greece) 12035 at 1403 closing pgm with address and email. (Sellers, BC) 

UNITED STATES - Voice of America, 9760-Nauen at 0540 and 17885-Iranawila at 1425 with commentaries, (Padazopulos, Greece) 9490 Northern Marianas Relay in (l) Korean at 1234, 9620 Sao Tome Relay in (l) Bambara at 2142, 9800 Philippines Relay in (l) Korean at 1320, 9855 Sri Lanka Relay in (l) Tibetan at 0032, 11910 Kuwait Relay at 1455 in (l) Tibetan and Deewa Radio (VOA), 13590 in (l) Pashto at 1453. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Free Asia, 9835 in (l) Tibetan at 2218, 9875 via Lithuania on (l) Tibetan at 2350 and 15195 Tajikistan relay in (l) Tibetan at 1245. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Farda, 12015 Lampertheim Relay in Farsi at 1420. (Padazopulos, Greece)
Adventist World Radio(KSDA), 9900 via Guam  in Mandarin at 1307. (Brossell, WI) 15435 via Guam in listed Batak with W in a monologue to sudden close, just before TOH at 2300. (Barton, AZ) 15480 via Madagascar at 1947-1959* with AA vocals, closedown anmts and instls to close. (D'Angelo, PA)
World Harvest Radio, 9930 via Palau at 1357 ending "Voice of Democracy Program", WHR ID at 1359. This is Sat/Sun only. (Sellers, BC)
WWCR-Nashville, 4840 at 0135. (Padazopulos, Greece)
KLDE, 25910, El Dorado, TX, 2014-2215 with lively LA vocals which seems to be the weekend standard as opposed to their regular oldies format. (D'Angelo, PA) (An STL - gld)

VATICAN - Vatican Radio, 3975 signing on at 0630 and into the Latin Mass, 9600 via Philippines at 2352 with a Christian song, W in VV at 2357, IS and close, 15470 via Philippines at 1550 with mass in EE, Lord's Prayer.(Sellers, BC) 9755 in AA at 2146. (Brossell, WI) 11625 and 13765 with religion at 0535. (Padazopulos, Greece) 

VIETNAM - Voice of Vietnam, 7230 in RR at 1257 with a pgm of VV music. (Taylor, WI) 9635.8-Son Tay at 2359 with M/W in VV talk through TOH.  (Brossell, WI) 

ZANZIBAR - Zanzibar Broadcasting Corp, 11735 at 1909-2100* with M in Swahili, then W hosting local vocals, 5 + 1 time pips at 2000, then anmts before returning to music. M with closedown ID and anmts at 2100. (D'Angelo, PA)