Monday, January 6, 2014

February 2014 Shortwave Listings

            Here are this month’s logs. All times are in UTC, double capital letters are language abbreviations (SS = Spanish, RR = Russian, AA = Arabic, etc.). If no language is mentioned, English (EE) is assumed.

           ALGERIA – Radio Algerienne, 7495 via France at 2246-2300* with M in FF hosting pgm of vocals, nice  ID and frequency anmts over group sing in the background, 3 time pips at 2300 and off. (D’Angelo, PA)                                           
ASCENSION ISLAND – BBC South Atlantic Relay Station, 6005 at 0609-0622 on developments in the European economy and the German elections. (D’Angelo, PA) 11810 at 2177 with an interview with a family which survived several weeks adrift in a small raft. (Brossell, WI) in EE on the Chechen warlords at 2155, (Fraser, ME)
AUSTRALIA – Radio Australia, 5995-Brandon at 1110 comparing art in Britain and  Australia, (Brossell, WI) 12065 at 1500 with fanfare, ID and  W doing the news, more IDs at 1505 and 1509 then into Late Night Live pgm, 15515 at 0404 with W doing news, ID at 0405 and into Bush Telegraph pgm. (Coady, ON)
ABC Northern Territory Service, 2485-Katherine at 1055 with 50s rock, ID at TOH. (Barton, AZ) 4835-Alice Springs at 1220 with U.S. country/western hits. (Brossell, WI)
HCJB, 15490 at 1135 on films showing non-violence between Israeli and Palestinians. (Fraser, ME)
AUSTRIA – Trans World Radio, 7400 at 0715 with TWR ID and Through the Bible pgm. Gave their UK address, //6105. (Miller, GA)
BANGLADESH – Bangladesh Betar, 7250 (p) in Nepali at 1315 with a tone, time pips W with anmts, music bridge, then M ancr. 15105 in EE at 1233 with domestic news by M, then ID “This is the external Service of Bangladesh Betar” and then into indigenous music. (Sellers, BC) (p) at 1150 with talks and bits of music, a couple of mentions of “Bangladesh” just before TOH. (Deilbert, MD)
BOTSWANA – VOA Relay, 4930 with W on children attending their first circus, 15580 at 1600 with Nighttime Africa and news, QRM from REE on 15585. (Coady, ON) 4930 at 0334 with a report on Iran’s nuclear program, //9885. (Sellers, BC) 4930 at 0431 with talks, 9885 at 0412 with news of a Liberian crackdown on protesters and 12026 at 0505 with Daybreak Africa. (Parker, PA)
 BRAZIL –  (all in PP – gld)
Radiodifusora Roraima, Boa Vista, 4875 at 0232-0359* with LA pops EZL format and boisterous M ancr with jingles, choir anthem and off. (Parker, PA) 0308 with a very deliberate preacher and many mentions of “Jesus” and “Brazil”, f/by a ballad at 0311. Fair with CODAR QRM. (Coady, ON)
Radio Clube do Para. Belem 4885 at 0301 with M ancr, reverb, SFX. (Parker, PA)
Radio Relogio Federal, 4905 at 0226 with W talking but mostly buried under CODAR. (Parker, PA)
Radio Difusora Macapa, Macapa, 4915 at 0250 with M/W vocals and boisterous M ancr saying “Macapa”. (Parker, PA) 0405 with talks. (Brossell, WI)
Voz Missionaria, Camboriu,9665 with M crooner at 0404 with electronic organ accompaniment, choir hymn and M preacher. (Parker, PA)
Radio Brazil Central, Goiania, 11815 with Motown things and others.
(Parker, PA)
         Super Radio Deus e Amor, Porto Alegre, 11765 at 0330 with an impassioned preacher, ID at 0331 and then another preacher at 0337. (Coady, ON) 2300 with M/W talk. Cooper, PA) 11765 at 0423 with snips of various speeches. (Parker, PA)
            Radio Nacional Amazonia, Brasilia, 6180 at 0225 with deep-voiced M talk, being answered by W and a ballad by M at 0239. (Cooper, PA) 11780 at 0428 with an update tune and a “Radio Nacional” ID. (Parker, PA) 2115 with an ID and talks. (Brossell, WI) 
           CANADA – CKZN, 6160 St. John’s (Newfoundland) at 0701 with CBC news, “Radio One” ID, local news then into Radio Australia and DW pgms. (Miller, GA)
            CHAD – Radio Chad, 6165 at 2310-0006 with M in FF hosting pops pgm taking live phone calls. (D’Angelo, PA)
            CHINA – China Radio International, 7350 with panel discussion on mental health. Good. (Cooper, PA) 9540-Beijing in Mandarin at 1100, 11935-Kashi at 1140 with Mandarin talks, 11935-Shijiazhuang in RR at 1142 and 15190-kashi with CC lessons at 1055. (Brossell, WI) 11640-Kashi at 0345 in Hindi with CC language lessons, (Parker, PA) 9579 with pgm of western classical music. at 1255. (Fraser, ME) 13790 at 1045 with M/W in EE to CC language lesson, 15140-Xian opening in CC at 0100, 17615-Kunming in RR at 0235 and 15785-Xian with a  world news wrap up and regional weather for Asia, (Barton, AZ) 15245, //13745 via Cuba with a W doing news with telephone interviews and correspondent reports. (Coady, ON) 17725-(Xi’an listed) at  0420 with commentary. (Padazopulos, Greece)
            China National Radio: CNR-2, 9810-Baoji at 0447 in CC with W talking. Audible under co-channel RHC. CNR-1, 11750-Shijiazhuang at 0419 in CC with W talks. (Parker, PA) CPBS, 11630-Lingshi in (l) Mandarin at 2111.(Brossell, WI) 17580 at 0152 with M/W in CC, //17550 and 17510 used as a jammer against RFA’s Tibetan service. (Sellers, BC)
            Voice of the Strait, 4940-Fuzhou, in Mandarin at 1040 with W talk and Oriental music bridges. (Coady, ON) 1149 with talks in CC. (Brossell, WI)
            Firedrake jammer, 9555 with CC music against RFA which was not audible. (Parker, PA)
            COLOMBIA – Alcaravan Radio, Puerto Alegre, 5910 at 0448 with M in SS and slow music. (Parker, PA) 1049 with ranchero-like music, a male ballad and a M with ID at 1055, mention of station name at 1055, promos and lively F vocals. (Coady, ON) SS talks and IDs between each selection and time pips underneath just before 0500. (D’Angelo, PA)
            CUBA – Radio Progresso, Havana, 4765 at 0118 with Cuban pops, news update at 0126 and ID of “Radio Progresso, Cadena Nacional” (Coady, ON) 0319-0335 with Nocturno music pgm. (Parker, PA) 0402-0408* with soft instls, W ancr with brief SS talk and a W vocal, then M with (p) closing anmts at 0407 and carrier termination at 0408. (D’Angelo, PA)
            CUBA – Radio Havana Cuba, 5040 with SS talks at 0431. (Padazopulos, Greece)
            DIEGO GARCIA – Armed Forces Network, 4319u at 2354-0022 with music until ID and TOH news. (D’Angelo, PA)
            ECUADOR – Radio Oriental, Tena, 4781.6 at 2356-0000* with M and SS talk, another M with possible canned ID closing, since the signal was terminated immediately. (D’Angelo, PA)
            HCJB, 6050-Pinchincha, in SS at 0457 with Ecuadorian NA and M with closing anmts to 0500. (Sellers, BC)                                                                                                                        
         ENGLAND - BBC, 9890 Thailand Relay at 2338 with a book author. (Coady, ON) 17795-Wooferton reporting on terrorists in Mali. (Brossell, WI)
ETHIOPIA - Voice of the Tigray revolution, (t) 5950 at 0259 with stringed instrument IS, vernacular anmts over music, 0303 with W and possible news. (Coady, ON) 0340 with HOA vocals and instls. (Sellers, BC)
GERMANY – Deutsche Welle, 9470 Rwanda Relay at 0402,//9810 with a M and “You’re listening to Deutsche Welle news,” then more of Africa Link. (Coady, ON) 11865 Rwanda Relay at 2100 with world news, 15275 Rwanda Relay at 1959 on the status of the Ethiopian government. (Brossell, WI) 15700 Rwanda at 1514 in Swahili. (Hander, IL)
GREECE – “Greek Radio”, 7475 with Greek folk music, W ancr 0013l (Cooper, PA) 9420 at 0204-0245 with M and news in GG, f/by ID at 0211 and GG music. (D’Angelo, PA) 0328 in GG with W talk, (Parker PA) 0430 with commentary in GG. (Padazopulos, Greece)
GUAM – Trans World Radio. 9910 at 1219 in (l) Mandarin. (Brossell, WI) 1220 with talk in Mandarin f/by religious music. (Handler, IL)
GUATEMALA - Radio Verdad, Chiquimula, 4055 at 0203 with organ music, xylophone and M with SS ID and anmts. (Sellers, BC) 0404 with old time hymns. (Parker, PA) 1015 with solo and choral hymns, M with ID over a hymn at 103l, then full opening anmts at 1032 and into an EE preacher. (Coady, ON)
INDIA – All India Radio, 11620 in (l) Urdu with W talk and “Balliwood” selections. (Parker, PA) 11670-Bengaluru at 1150 in (l) Thai and also at 2100 with world news in EE. (Brossell, WI)
Athmeeyayathra Radio, 15390 at 1420 with talks in (l) Garo. (Brossell, WI)
IRAN – Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, 9610-kalamabad with the “Voice of Palestine” pgm with Qur’an recitations. (Parker, PA) 9810-Sirjan at 2138-2230* with 2 M in (l) Bosnian, ID and close down anmts at 2225 f/by instl music and gong at 2229 and carrier off. (D’Angelo, PA) 11750 in EE at 2016 with a letterbox pgm, including postal and internet addresses, 15515 at 1545 with a report on Egypt. (Fraser, ME) 13650 at 0322 with instls, EE slogan for “Voice of Justice”, NA, 0324 with ID and info on how and where to hear them, then call to prayer at 0325. (Sellers, BC) 15300 in (l) Urdu at 1410. (Brossell, WI)
INDONESIA –Voice of Indonesia, 9526 at 1321 with W talking about Indonesia and an ID at 1326. Weak modulation but the carrier was quite good. (Sellers, BC)
Radio Republik Indonesia, 3325-Palangkaraya, at 1330 with a mix of II talk and music, M/W presenters, instls to TOH when time pips and M in II. (Barton, AZ)
ISRAEL - Galei Zahal, 6885 at 0405 in HH with W ancr and an old U.S. pop song. (Sellers, BC)
JAPAN – Radio Japan, 11970 via France at 0520 on newly elected nations to the UN Security Council. (Parker, PA) 15130 via France in with talks in JJ. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Nikkei, 9595 at 1446 with M/W presenters, f/by a song in EE. (Handler, IL)
KUWAIT – Radio Kuwait, 13650 in AA at 1935. (Brossell, WI) 15540 with U.S. pops at 1952. (Brossell, WI) 21540 with Qur’an recitations.(Handler.IL)
MALAYSIA – Radio Klasik, 5964.7 at 1253 in Bahasa Malay with light Malaysian pops and W ancr, then M with news at 1300. Sellers, BC)
Traxx FM, 7295 at 1301 with news in EE, ending at 1310 ending newscast with “R-T-M Radio News Center” and a “Radio Malaysia R-T-M” ID and into pops. Poor level. (Sellers, BC)
NETHERLANDS – The Mighty KBC, 7375 - (site?) at 0004 with rock, ads and TCs. Giant Juke Box pgm. Claims to use 185,000 watts. (Miller, GA)
NEW ZEALAND – Radio New Zealand International, 9700 with
Dateline Pacific at 1125, f/by ID. (Fraser, ME) 15279 and the Mailbox pgm with male vocals and into The DX Report at 0331. (Coady, ON)
NIGERIA - Voice of Nigeria, 7255-Ikorodu at 2251-2300* with a mix of local songs and talk by M in (l) Hausa. ID prior to start of news at 2300 which was apparently not supposed to be aired as the signal was quickly cut. (D’Angelo, PA)
            NORTH KOREA - KCBS, 3920-Hyesan at 1155 with music and talk by W in JJ. Anmt at TOH and then off. (Barton, AZ) 11710 at 1152 with ‘victory” music. (Brossell, WI) 1545 in unid language with W singing. (Fraser, ME) 11735-Kajang at 0413 with EE talks by M/W.(Parker, PA)
            OMAN – Radio Sultanate of Oman, 13600 at 0307 in EE with news to 0309, then ID and pops. (Sellers, BC) 15140 at 1515 with AA talks. (Brossell, WI) 1626 in AA. (Handler, IL)
Voice of Tibet (via Tajikistan to China), 15565 in Tibetan at 1349. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Republica (to Cuba), 9490 with W and news in SS, M with ID at 0218. (Cooper, PA)
Radio Miraya FM (via Bulgaria to Sudan), 11560 at 0323 with EE pops, rapidly read headlines, quick 4-note music bridge between each and into Miraya Breakfast and more comprehensible ancr. (Parker, PA) 0346-0440 with M/W in EE and discussion about health issues. Local vocals at 0353. (Barton, AZ)
            Eco of Hope (South Korea to North), 6348 at 1250 with vocals in KK over a jammer. (Barton, AZ)
            Voice of the People (South Korea to North), 3480 at 1140 with long W talk in KK. Presume it was being jammed by the North. (Barton, AZ) 6600 at 1143 with talks by W in KK. (Brossell, WI)
            Denge Kurdistan (p Madagascar to Iran) with non-stop Kurdish vocals. (D’Angelo, PA)
          Nippon no Kaze, (Taiwan to North Korea), 9950 in KK with talks at 1317. (Brossell, WI)
            PAPUA NEW GUINEA – NBC Madang 3260 (New Guinea), at 1120 with talks in (p) Tok Pisin. (Brossell, WI)
PERU – Radio Tarma, Tarma, 4775 at 1030 in SS with M ranchero vocals and M in excited talk, into more vocals. (Coady, ON)
Radio Cultura Amuata, Huanta, 4955 at 1025 in SS with folk music, W with brief talk and female vocals. (Coady, ON)
Radio Libertad, Junin, 5039.2 in SS at 1015 with exciting M talk and mentions of “Latina Americana” and “Peru” and into Andean vocals at 1018. (Coady, ON)
            PHILIPPINES – Radio Veritas Asia, 15320 via Vatican at 1511 with W talking in Tagalog over background music. (Handler, IL) 15330 at 1445 with M in Urdu, brief instl interlude f/by conversation. Website was checked and doing so confirmed my reception.  ID at 1558 with address and e-mail. (Cooper, PA)
            Far East Broadcasting Co., 9920 at 1224 in (l) Jaral with M talk, religious music, W with ID, then music. There was a warbling jammer underneath, but not sure if FEBC was the target. (Handler, IL) 12095 at 1244 with a choral song, instrumental music, M in (l) Tai Dam with FEBC ID. (Sellers, BC)
PIRATES – The Crystal Ship, 6950.6 at 0112 with things from “Hair”. (Hassig, IL)
Undercover Radio, 6930u at 0248 with preacher talking about evolution, reading about a medical operation. (Hassig, IL)
Blue Ocean Radio, 6930u at 0425 with country/western things. I didn’t copy an address. (Hassig, IL)
KOOL AM, 6935u at 0155 with spacey music, blues, rock. ID per HF Underground. (Hassig, IL)
RJI, 6940 at 0120 with rap, sound of a preacher shouting. ID from HF Underground. (Hassig, IL)
Red Mercury Labs, 6945u at 0130 with rock things, M talking about the advantages of government shutdown, lamenting changes in southern California. (Barton, AZ) 6950 at 0255 with country rock, heavy metal. (Hassig, IL)
XFM Shortwave, 6870 at 0142 with heavy metal. and 6965 0120 nice pgm of various music, M with a tech talk about C-Quam and the last run of those Motorola chips. (Hassig, IL) 6940 at 0249 with M hosting pgm with frequent IDs, “XFM – the power of X”. D’Angelo, PA) 0233 with apparent indie music, ID and a mention of listeners who had contacted them, another ID at 0239 and more tunes. (Coady, ON)
MAC Shortwave, 6924.5 with Ultra Man playing several Beatles things in and old pgm. “The Doctor” came on at 2338 with IDs and address. Then more selections. Went off with “A Pirate’s Life for Me” and orchestral version of NA. (D’Angelo, PA)
Wolverine Radio, 6935u at 0042 with blues and a simple ID at 0044. (Coady, ON) 6945 at 0114 with Halloween-themed tunes. (Hassig, IL)
Hot Legs Radio, 6935 with non-stop 70s and 80s female pop vocals to 0226, then a W with several mentions of the email address: (Coady, ON)
        Boombox Radio, 6930 at 0040 with dance things. Sounds European but maybe not.(Hassig, IL) 6975.5 with over-driven techno-pops and M with ID at 0023. (Coady, ON)
Radio Free Whatever, 6021 at 0118 with big band swing music and an old comedy routine at 0120-0135 and a couple of drawn out IDs, f/by SSTV tones and off. (Coady, ON) 6925 at 0120 with heavy metal things, email to (Hassig, IL) 6949.9 at 0017-0032* with rock and audio clips and in studio discussion before closedown. (D’Angelo, PA)
Captain Morgan Shortwave, 6925 at 0138 with rock things, M/W with repeated IDs at 0143, into Ringo Star. (Coady, ON)
            Twangy Radio, 6925u at 0029-052 with rock vocals. Initially thought ID was Plan B Radio but later saw on the message boards numerous attacks on Obama. (D’Angelo, PA) 0103 with tinny audio that hurt my ears, TV theme, Willie Nelson. (Hassig, IL)
            Radio Echo One, 6929.4 at 0011-0028* with W hosting pops, ID and email as (D’Angelo, PA) 
            Rave on Radio, 6925u fair at 2318 with Twilight Zone theme, ominous selections, talk with a professor about radiation from a returning satellite causing a crime wave! (Hassig, IL)
            Northwoods Radio, 6925u at 2315 with heavy metal. (Hassig, IL)
            Renegade Radio,6925u at 0006 wth Adams Family and Twilight Zone themes. I think he gave as the address.(Hassig, IL)
Witch City Radio, 6920 at 2319.Poor with ominous M voice saying “broadcasting from…’, gave the temperature and the Box1, Belfast NY address then “happy Halloween, and  a stereotypical watch laugh. (Hassig, IL)
            ROMANIA – Radio Romania International, 9540 at 2205 with a report on an earthquake there. (Fraser, ME) 11975 at 1925 in (l) Romanian. (Brossell, WI)
            RUSSIA – Voice of Russia, 9465 via Armenia (?) at 2215 on America’s health care vs. Russia’s. (Fraser, ME) 12030-Vladivostok at 1327 with an EE discussion of relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. (Sellers, BC)
            Radio Rossii, 13665 (site?) in RR at 1130. Sounded like anmts or ads, then into western pops. (Fraser, ME)
            RWANDA – Radio Rwandaise (t) 6055 at 0253 on with male chorus and NA, W, then M with sign 0256 on anmts, f/by (p) news in FF. (Sellers, BC)
            SAO TOME – VOA Pinheira Relay, 4960 with news 0422, //4930, 9885. (Sellers, BC) 0434 on Iran and Russia. (Parker, PA) 6080 at 0351 with an interview on the Muslim Brotherhood and their future in Egypt. Poor. (Coady, ON) 9690 at  2111-2130* with M/W n FF with some music segments, EE ID at 2129 f/by the familiar Yankee Doodle theme. 9780 at 0107 with updates on nuclear reactors in Japan. (D’Angelo, PA)
            SAUDI ARABIA – BSKSA, 15205 with Holy Qur’an service, M reciting. (Handler, IL)
SEYCHELLES – BBC Relay, 15420, //15400 and 17795 with M/W on a champion of women’s rights in Greece. (Coady, ON)
            SINGAPORE – BBC Far East Relay Station, 9900 with IS and sign on at 1344 in (l) Burmese. (Handler, IL) 17790 at 1552 with talks in (l) Urdu. (Brossell, WI)
SOUTH AFRICA – Channel Africa, 3345-Meyerton at 0403 with M/W with news items. In the clear but barely above the noise floor. (Parker, PA)
Radio Sonder Grense, 3320 at 0344 with M DJ, pops, M in Afrikaans.(Sellers, BC) 040 with news headlines in Afrikaans. (Parker, PA) 0402 in Afrikaans with apparent news then two M with talk at 0405. (Coady, ON)
SOUTH KOREA - KBS World Radio, 15575 at 1352 with news. (Brossell, WI)
MKD Radio, 6360-Chun Cheon, at 1245 with a long list read by W in KK over a NK jammer.(Barton, AZ)
SOMALIA – Radio Hargeisa, (p) 7120 coming on at 0331 with 30 second anthem, then M ancr. (Sellers, BC)
            SPAIN – Radio Exterior de Espana, 3350-ex-Costa Rica Relay, //6125 with M/W and SS talk. (Coady, ON) 6125//9535 at 0420 with SS commentary. (Padazopulos, Greece) 9355 with formal ID, light instls, time pips at 0400, ID by W, M with SS news. (D’Angelo, PA) 17595 at 2100 with talks in PP. (Brossell, WI)
SRI LANKA – Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, 11905 at 0114 with carrier on, instl music, time pips and W with sign on in vernacular. Very poor. (Sellers, BC) 0131-0154* with Hindi vocals and W with Hindi talk. Gone at 0154 w/out any closedown anmt. Poor-fair with deep fades. (D’Angelo, PA) 0207 in Hindi with M/W vocals and W with talk and IDs with a definite mention of  “SLBC”. (Coady, ON)
            SURINAME – Radio Apinte, 4990 at 0500 with slow ballad and guitar with M vocal, ID as “the music station” and into pop/rap. (Parker, PA)
SWAZILAND - Trans World Radio, 3240 at 0320 in (l) Shona with lively vocals, M with brief talk at 0323 and back to vocals to IS and ID at 0325, then into (l) Nadau. Poor-fair, 0333 with choir in an African language, listed as Nadau. (Sellers, BC) 4775 at 0347 in (l) Lomwe with 2 M and excited talk to 0357, then IS and an EE ID. (Coady, ON) 0415 with a hymn. (Parker, PA)
            SWEDEN – IBRA Radio, 11875 via Wertachtal at 1940 in (l) Tamajeg. (Brossell, WI)
            TAIWAN – Radio Taiwan International, 15690 via France with talks in FF. (Brossell WI)
            Sound of Hope, 18180 in CC at 2335 with a variety of lively jingles sounding like commercials.  (Parker, PA)
            THAILAND – Radio Thailand, 15275 at 0005-0028*with M/W doing news with several IDs, ads and promo anmts. Carrier was terminated shortly after the final ID. (D’Angelo, PA)
TURKEY – Voice of Turkey, 9515 at 0305 with M/W and news, then W mentioning the VOT and news closing at 0312 then into Press Review. (Coady, ON) 0315 with news in EE. M ancr with U.S. and European news items. (Cooper, PA) 9830 at 2232 with Turkish pops, headlines and into traditional Turkish music. (Ogrizovich, FL) 15450 at 1240 with reports on Egypt and Syria. (Fraser, ME)
            UGANDA – UBC Radio, 4976 at 0340 with instls and EE anmts. (Brossell, WI)
 UNITED STATES – Voice of America, 5745-Greenville at *0228-0240 with O/C f/by instl before M ancr opening mentioning the Radiogram pgm hosted by Kim Andrew Elliot, f/by usual digital mode test tones, 9780-Iranawila at 0111 with News Now format and features and interviews. Was deteriorating rapidly by 0130. (D’Angelo, PA) 9825-Greenville at 0131 beginning As It Is pgm (a new title for Special English?) profiling a Vietnamese war commander who died at age 102. (Sellers, BC) 11905 via Vatican in Kurdish with audio clips of Obama. (Parker, PA) 15565 Thailand Relay at 0002 with talks in Mandarin. (Brossell, WI) 17860 with the Radiogram pgm at 1601. (Coady, ON)
VOA/Deewa Radio, 9370 Kuwait Relay, at 0315 in Pashto with M joking/laughing with a /W caller. (Parker, PA) 11895-Sri Lanka in Pashto at 0200 with M/W on phone and into M vocals, (Coady, ON)
Radio Free Asia, 13380 via Tajikistan in (l) Tibetan at 1145 and 15410 Northern Marianas relay in (l) Mandarin at 1618. (Brossell, WI)
Afia Dafur, 6135 at 0300 with AA talks and songs. (Sellers, BC)
Radio Marti, 7405 with SS songs at 1355 and SS ID at 1400. (Cooper. PA)
WWCR, Tennessee, 7490 at 1400 with ID and news on the govt shutdown. 13845 at 1430 with W on spending. Was Joyce Riley with a GCN talk radio show.  (Cooper, PA)
WHRI, Indiana, 9840 at 1850 with a preacher on the sin of boasting. (Cooper, PA)
WINB, Pennsylvania, 9265 at 0156 ending preacher, ID at 0157 at 0200 into an SS pgm from WNQM-1300 in Nashville, preacher in EE with W translating into SS. (Sellers, BC)
            WRNO, Louisiana, 7506.4 at 0237 with several nice IDs and frequency anmts inviting listener mail. DW news aired at 0247. (D’Angelo, PA)
Adventist World Radio, 11610 via Nauen at 0340 in Amharic. (Parker, PA) 15220 via Austria aat 1948 in FF, 15260 via Nauen in AA at 1930 and 15265 via Nauen in (l) Punjabi. (Brossell, WI) 15260-via Nauen at 1932 in AA with female vocals, M with several anmts and email of with M.E. vocals at 1936. (Coady, ON)
Overcomer Ministry, 13810 via France at 1508 with Brother Stair. (Handler, IL)
            Radio Miami International, 9955 at 1151 with a sermon in EE. (Brossell, WI)
KJES, New Mexico, 7555 with SS done by a little girl. (Ogrizovich, FL) 11715 in SS at 1659 with SS ID and address with a child. (Handler, IL)
            WJHR, Florida, 15550 at 1544 on the proper kind of baptism, f/by Christian song and email address at 1601. (Cooper, PA)
            VATICAN – Vatican Radio, 11625 at 2015 with news. (Cooper, PA) 11715 at 1548 with IS, W at 1540. Copy wasn’t good enough to identify the language. (Barton, AZ) 11730 via Uzbekistan at 0139 with EE sign on, music bridges and anmts, 12005 at 0236 with W and news. (Sellers, BC) 15570 with IS at 1628, poor to fair. (Handler, IL)
            ZANZIBAR – 6015 at 0301 in Swahili with brief M/W then call to prayer at 0306 f/by preacher, probably extolling Islam f/by indigenous music. (Sellers, BC) 1135 at 2038 – 2100* in Swahili with local music selections and M with closing anmts over drums in Swahili. (D’Angelo, PA)
            And does it! Congrats, thanks and high fives to the following good guys who came through this time: Harold Sellers, Vernon, BC; John Miller Ochlocknee, FL;  Rich D’Angelo, Wyomissing, PA; Rick Barton, El Mirage, AZ; William Hassig, Mt. Pleasant, IL;  Mark Cody, Peterborough, ON; Allan Ogrizovich, Jacksonville, FL;  John Cooper, Lebanon, PA; Arthur Delibert, North Bethesda, MD; Steve Handler, Buffalo Grove, IL; Rich Parker, Pennsburg, PA Robert Fraser, Belfast, NY: Fotos Padazopulos Athens, Greece and Robert Brossell, Pewaukee, WI.
Thanks to each of you and, until next month good listening and – as Woody Herman used to say, “Keep on keepin’ on!”