Monday, May 1, 2017

May 2017 Shortwave Listening Logs

ALASKAKNLS, Anchor Point, 9555 at 1122 in Mandarin. (Brossell, WI)

ASCENSION ISLANDBBC-South Atlantic Relay, 6005 at 0539 with woman speaking on the upcoming Trump inauguration. (D’Angelo, PA) 9915 at 2121 with an interview,11810 at 2108 on the future of Egypt, (Sellers, BC) 15400 at 1825 with woman talking about Ash Wednesday, then man speaking about Lent; on to talk about mobile phones. (Cooper, PA)

ARGENTINARadio Argentina Exterior, Gral, 15345 Pacheco at 1122 in Japanese. (Brossell, WI)

AUSTRALIA—Hobart Radio International, Tasmania, 9955 via Okeechobee at 0453-0505 with man speaking and phone DX tips for North American and European stations, ID at 0458, program close, another ID at 0459  followed by woman’s vocal. (D’Angelo, PA)

AUSTRIAAdventist World Radio, 11985 via Moosbrunn at 1835 with man speaking in Arabic, ID at 1836. (Cooper, PA)

BOLIVIA—Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba, 3310 at 1020 with man speaking in Quechua and rustic vocals, joined by woman around 1030. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)

BOTSWANAVoice of America Relay, 4930, Mopeng Hill at 0336-0356 with news features, ID at 0359 then man/woman speaking. (D’Angelo, PA) 7275//7460 at 0418 in Kirundi with man talking about a park in Rwanda. (Sellers, BC) 15580 at 1806 with “African News Tonight” program, ID. Male/female announcers on news from African countries. (Cooper, PA)

BRAZIL—(All in Portuguese –GLD)
Radio Verdes Florestas, Cruzeiro do Sol, 4865 at 1035-1101 with nice canned ID and frequencies over instrumentals, Brazil pops. The modulation always seems a little low. (Valko, PA)
Radio Club do Para, Belem, 4885 with Brazil pops and male annoucer. (D’Angelo, PA)
Radio Brazil Central, Goiania, 4985 at 2228 with Brazil pops. Buried by co-channel RTTY, //11815. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA) 11815 at 0130 with program of contemporary music with female host. Man giving station ID at 0143. (Cooper, PA)
Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, 5940 at 0303 with hymns and man speaking. Splatter from 5935. (Sellers, BC) 9664.9 with short English/Portuguese ID at 0016. Still looking for that all-English ID. (Valko, PA)
Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, 6135.2 at 0142 with male announcer, several mentions of Aparecida and plenty of music. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)
RB2, Curitiba, 9724.9 at 2313 with man speaking at length. (Taylor, WI) 0151 with male announcer after a slow song, IDs at 0200 and 0201, several time pips at 0202, then still another ID. (Cooper, PA)
Radio 9 de Julho, Sao Paulo, 9819 with nice Brazil pops at 2333. (Taylor, WI)
Super Radio Boa Vontade, Puerto Velho, 11895 at 2208 with canned ID but plug was pulled just before the end at 2208:37. Better than Bandeirantes and RB2. (Valko, PA)
Radio Bandeirantes (p), Sao Paulo, 11925 at 0525 with pop vocals seemingly hosted by man. Time pips over music at 0530. (D’Angelo, PA)

CANADACFRX, Toronto, 6070 at 0434 with an ad for Pizzaville, Then back to a talk show. (Sellers, BC)
CHNX, St. John’s (Newfoundland), 6160 at 0255 with man interviewing a comedian. ID at 0259, CBC and then news. (Caper, PA)

CHINA—China Radio International, 6100 at 2240 with EZL Chinese-like music, 9640-(Kashi) at 2210 in Spanish with announcements, music bridge, man talking about China. (Sellers, BC) 7410-Jinhua at 1149 with vocals and announcements in Tagalog. (Brossell, WI)
China National Radio, Network 17300 (a presumed jammer) at 1002 with woman speaking Chinese and actualities, occasional music breaks, 7480/7490 at 2225 jamming these two RFA frequencies with Chinese talk,11710 with Chinese music and a string of announcements at 2105. (Sellers, BC)
Xizang PBS, 4920, Lhasa (Tibet) at 1127 with female vocals followed by man speaking in Tibetan, then more vocals. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Voice of the Strait, Fuzhou, 4900 at 1116 in Mandarin. (Brossell, WI) 1206 in the Minnin language (which sounds like Chinese). Other California DXers confirm this. (Valko, PA) 4940 at 1223 with man speaking in Chinese, followed by instrumentals. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Qinghai PBS, Xining, 5990 at *2244-2300 with IS type opening, orchestral anthem at 2250 followed by ID in Tibetan, open announcements, phone calls, and light instrumentals. Blown away by CRIs Cuba relay at 2300. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Voice of Zhanghua, 7385, Beijing at 7385 with man/woman speaking in Chinese at 1147 beamed to Taiwan, //5925, 9410. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)

COLOMBIAAlcaravan Radio, Puerto Lleras, 5910 at 0336 with non-stop LA music. (D’Angelo, PA) 1012 with religious program in Spanish. (Valko, PA)

CUBARadio Havana Cuba, 5010/5055 mixing products of Radio Rebelde and RHC at 0340-0345. (Taylor, WI) 5040, Bauta from 0034-0104 with English news,  followed by “Focus on Africa” program and later Arts Roundup program. Closed with news summary before switching to Spanish. (D’Angelo, PA) 6100 with commentary at 0510, 9655 via Albania with news in Turkish at 1912.  (Padazopulos, Greece) 13740 at 2200 in Spanish with ID, music, and news. (Sellers, BC)
Radio Progresso, 4765, Bejucal, with man speaking in Spanish and Cuban music at 0230. (Barton, AZ) 0246 in Spanish. (Brossell, WI)

ECUADORHCJB/Radio Akhbar Mufriha, 9530 at 2208 in Pullaar with male announcer and balafon. (Sellers, BC)

EGYPTRadio Cairo/Voice of the Arabs, 12085 at 0253 with songs and talks in AA. (Brossell, WI)

ENGLAND—BBC- Oman Relay, 6195 at 0302, man anchoring news program with reporters on news stories, 9915-Woofferton at 1902 with man speaking, then woman in news items. (Cooper, PA) 7445-Woofferton with male/female announcers and male correspondent, SEA music. Later a seeming radio play. (Taylor, WI) 9460 via South Africa at 0410 with stories about North Korea, then UK football. (Sellers, BC)

FRANCERadio France International, Issoudun, 9790 at 2130 with canned French announcements. (Sellers, BC)

GERMANY—Deutsche Welle via South Africa 6045 at 0319-0400* with woman speaking in Swahili, brief instrumentals, followed by features, news headlines at 0348, vocals at 0353, instrumentals and off, 7260 in Swahili with woman interviewing a man. (Cooper, PA) 7275 via Botswana at 0402-0430* male vocals with English lyrics, woman speaking English ID then into Arabic. (D’Angelo, PA) 17800 via Ascension at 1353 with talks in Hausa. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Oomrang, Amrum Island, 15215 via Issoudun at 1600-1700* and its annual program in German, but also some English. (D’Angelo, PA)

GREECEVoice of Greece, Avlis, 9420 with interview in Greek. (Padazopulos, Greece) 9935 at 2228 with talks in Greek. (Brossell, WI)

GUAMAdventist World Radio, Agat, 15435 with sign on routine, announcements by man and a short religious lecture by a man. (Barton, AZ)

GUATEMALA—Radio Verdad, Chiquimula, 4055 in Spanish at 0444 with marimba music, man speaking in Spanish with ID followed by choir. (Sellers, BC) 1130 with piano and a church choir. (Barton, AZ) 0215 with man preaching in Spanish. (Cooper, PA)

INDIAAll India Radio, Chennai, 4920 at 0208-9245* with woman speaking in Hindi and music selection. Couldn’t ID and seemed to go off at 0245. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA) 9380-Aligarh at 0114 with Indian music, flutes, and female vocals. (Barton, AZ) 9445-Delhi in English at 2100 with marching band and overseas service ID then into “foreign” Bollywood things. (KB2DMD, PA) 1342 in Hindi. (Taylor, WI) 2150 with music program, then woman with news headlines then several IDs.(Cooper, PA) 9665-Vivdah Bharati service at 0105 with Hindi music, same at 0153 check. (Sellers, BC)
Athmik Yatra Radio, 15390 via Nauen in Tanghui at 1335. (Brossell, WI)
Trans World Radio via Armenia, 9345 at 1342 in Haryanvi with woman ending broadcast and off at 1344. (Taylor, WI)

ITALYIRRS (p), 9510 at 1236 with hard and alternative rock, male announcer giving only Euro artist groups, their concert venues and dates. Off abruptly at 1257. (Valko, PA)

JAPANNHK/Radio Japan via France, 5960 with ID at 0430 in Japanese. Also 13640 via UAE at 0513 with “Friends Around the World” program. (Padazopulos, Greece) 11910 at 2110 in Japanese. (Sellers, BC)
Radio Nikkei-2, Nagara, 6115 in Japanese with electronic pops at 1230. (Barton, AZ)
Nikkei One, 9595 at 1054 with instrumentals and announcements in Japanese. (Brossell, WI) 2223 with jazz, later man speaking in Japanese. (Sellers, BC)

MADAGASCARRadio Madagasikara, Antananarivo, 5011.3 at 0241 with Afro-pop, male announcer, usual wobbly signal. Dropped down below 5008 briefly at 0247. Freq drops after every change in audio. (Valko, PA) 0252-0330 fade out, female announcer at 0255 opening in Malagassy. Poor in noise. Thanks to Valko for the tip. (D’Angelo, PA)
World Christian Radio, 7390 at 0325 in Spanish, woman giving the ID, followed by program info and light music. (Cooper, PA) 11790-Majahanga in Arabic at 2207 with woman, music bridge. (Sellers, BC) 2237 with man/woman speaking in Arabic. (Brossell, WI) 17640 with African music at 2015. (Barton, AZ)

MYANMARRadio Thazin (p) 6165 at 1126. 2 signals here, one was CNR-6. The other was probably Thazin at 1135 with probable news at the top of the hour. (Valko, PA).

NEW ZEALANDRadio New Zealand, 7245 at 1110 on health in the Solomon Islands. (Brossell, WI) 17675 at 0040 with man and program of punk rock to top of the hour. (Barton, AZ)

NIGERIAVoice of Nigeria, Abuja, 7255 at 2040-2058*, man speaking in Hausa with group vocals, mentions of “Radio Nigeria,” more instrumentals and drums until carrier off. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)

NORTH KOREAVoice of Korea, Kujang, 9435 in English with announcer on the greatness of DPRK and Kim Jung Un. (Taylor, WI) 11710 at 1106 with victory songs followed by slow instrumentals. (Brossell, WI)
Korean Central Broadcasting Station/KCBS, Pyongyang, 2850 at 1212 with operatic vocals which seems to be about the only thing this station offers. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA) 1215 with patriotic choral things. (Barton, AZ) 9665 at 2137 with empathetic talk in Korean. (P) CNR-8 was co-channel and about the same strength, 08755 signing on Chinese with IS, announcements and NA. (Sellers, BC)

OMANRadio Sultanate of Oman, Thumrait, 15140, at 1608 with English running late with features and music breaks in between. Into Arabic at 1616. (D’Angelo, PA) 2142 with man speaking in Arabic. (Brossell, WI)

OPPOSITION—Radio Publique Africane (via Madagascar to Burundi), 11550 at 1830-1858*, woman speaking in Kirundi, group shouts, and discussions. Closing vocal at 1856. (D’Angelo, PA)
Radio Erena (via Bulgaria to Eritrea),11695 at 1714-1801* with Tigrinya with talks and some HOA music, Nice ID and language change into Arabic at 1730. The program ran over the top of the hour. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Radio Adal (via France to Eritrea), 11670 at 1513 with HOA music and Arabic talks. (Brossell, WI)
Denge Mesopotamia (via Moldava to Iran), 7455 at 2121 with songs and announcements in Kurdish. (Brossell, WI)
Echo of Hope (South Korea to North), 6003 at 2239-2303 with II program and music. ID at top of the hour and into Chinese, //6348 and 9100 which were nearly completely jammed. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)
Shiokaze (Sea Breeze) (Japan to North Korea), 5935 at 1420 with woman speaking Japanese over soft music. (Barton, AZ)
Voice of the People (South Korea to North), 3480 at 1200 with woman speaking in KK, music at bottom of the hour, DPRK jamming. (Barton, AZ)
Fursato No Kaze (via Palau to North Korea), 9975 at 1602 in Japanese. QRM from WWCR-9980. (Taylor, WI)
Denge Kurdistane (via Bulgaria to Turkey), 11600 at 1611 in Kurdish; man interviewing woman. Program continued to 1658 to opening of Bible Voice at 1700. Either this was a tech error or the Denge feed has been extended. (Taylor, WI)

PHILIPPINES—Radyo Pilippinas, Tinang, 15640, man speaking in English at 0200, woman with sign on,  followed by time, ID, and news. (Sellers, BC)
Radio Veritas Asia, 11945 at 1107 with talks in Mandarin. (Brossell, WI)
Far East Broadcasting, 9455 at 2255 with repeated IS and English IDs then into Mien language. (Sellers, BC)

PIRATES—Captain Morgan, 6950 at 0145 with the best signal in months and things by several different groups. (Lobdell, MA)
Radio Illuminati, 6150 at 1743-1748* with sign off announcement/ID and NA. (Lobdell, MA)
Pee Wee Radio, 4085u, apparently with a test. Off by 0353. (Taylor, WI)
Radio Gaga, 6935dsb at 2252-2310* with rock, man giving ID at 2310 then close. (Lobdell, MA)
Radio Free New England, 6925 at 0148 with rap, mellow instrumentals, male announcer. QRM from peskiest along with a whistler in LSB. Had to keep switching between AM and USB to avoid the whistler. (Taylor, WI)
Wolverine Radio, 6940u at 0141-0210 with a variety of things featuring the word “one.” Ended with SSTV/FAX sounds. (Hassig, IL) 6955u at 0107 with “never” themed songs. (Taylor, WI)
Liquid Radio, 6925 at 2341 but very weak. ID from HF Underground. (Hassig, IL) 0237 with syncpop. (Taylor, WI)
Moonlight Radio, 6940 at 2343 with a pop number. (Lobdell, MA) “WBCQ” Area 51 program relay 6935 at 0329 man mentioning “Area 51.” (Taylor, WI)
CYOT, 6940 at 0026 with CW ID, Canadian NA. (Taylor, WI)
Radio Blah Blah Blah, 6949.7 at 0238 with obscure rock. They don’t respond to reception reports, several parody songs, TV themes, and German ID. ID and off. (Taylor, WI)
ex-YHWH, 7550 as early as 0232 with usual religious talk, many mentions of Yahweh. Into a repeated program at 0304. (Valko, PA) 7615 at 0245 in and out of static floor, voice of YHWH announcer. (Taylor, WI)
X-FM at 0307 with mellow rock, “Red hat” talking, then others. Off abruptly at 0325, back on at 0332-0336. (Taylor, WI)
The Crystal Ship, 3340 at 0129, but weak; QRM from a neighbor’s plasma TV. (Hassig, IL)

ROMANIARadio Romania International, Galbeni, 6020 at 0436 with woman hosting English program of domestic folk music. (D’Angelo, PA) 7340 at 0239 without announcements, //5910. Same on recheck at 0243. (Sellers, BC) 11800-Tiganesti at 2245 with news/talk in Spanish. Off at 2255 with ID, IS. (Cooper, PA)

SAUDI ARABIABSKSA, Riyadh, 13710 at 1645 with Qur’an. (Barton, AZ) 15380 with Arabic prayers. (Padazopulos, Greece) 15380 with Qur’an at 1344. (Brossell, WI)

SAO TOME15460 at 1820 with man interview in Shona. (Cooper, PA)

SINGAPOREBBC-Far East Relay, 6195 on the attempted takeover of Unilever by Kraft Foods. (Sellers, BC) 7465 with a sports interview at 1545. (Barton, AZ) 15285 at 1120 on trade policies under Trump. (Brossell, WI)

SOLOMON ISLANDSSIBS, 5020 at 1112 with songs and island music. (Brossell, WI) 1157 with usual ending religious segment, 1200 with instrumental and canned ID/closedown announcement. (Valko, PA)

SOUTH AFRICA—Channel Africa, Meyerton, 3345 at 0305-0327 with woman ending news, then “Africa Rise and Shine” program, //6155 often good. 15255 at 1646 with French program, into English at 1700, another change at 1800, but only for one minute before going off. (D’Angelo, PA and FCDX, PA) 9940 at 1918 with group vocal, male announcer, IS at 1934 and into French. (D’Angelo, PA) 15325 at 1630 with flute IS and talks in French. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Sonder Grense, Meyerton, 3320 at 0240 in Afrikaans with classical music, female announcer followed by a pop thing. (Cooper, PA)

SOUTH KOREAKBS World Radio via Woofferton, 3955 at 2151-2200* with male/female announcers in French. man giving ID and closedown at 2159. (D’Angelo, PA) 9805 in Indonesian at 2229, man/woman with dialogue and lots of laughter. 15575 at 0157 with electronic chimes, repeated ID in Spanish. 0200 sign on. (Sellers, BC) 0945 with long phone-in report in French and 0951 with annoying double beeps every 3 seconds. Fanfare at top of the hour, several IDs by man/woman talking. (Valko, PA) 1320 on social networks there, (Brossell, WI) 9805-Kimjae at 2305 in Mandarin, musical interlude, another woman at 2311. (Cooper, PA)

SPAINRadio Exterior de Espana, Nobljas, 9690 at 1950 with soccer coverage. (Padazopulos, Greece) 15500 at 1812 with 2 men covering soccer. (Cooper, PA)

SWAZILANDTrans World Radio, Mpangela, 3340 at 0312-0340* with man speaking in Shona, IS at 0325, ID and switch to Ndau. Nice ID at 0340, IS and off, 6130 ending program in with ID and announcements, IS, ID and change to Kimbundi. 0040 at 1932 with music to ID and music box IS, then into French. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA) 4775 with male announcer and long talk in German. (D’Angelo, PA)

SWEDENBible Voice Broadcasting via Nauen, 7220 at 0808 and Jack Van Imp Presents, ID and contact info. Off at 0830. (Valko, PA)
IBRA Radio/Radio Ibraham via Woofferton, 15510 in the Fur language. (Brossell, WI)

TAIWANRadio Taiwan International via England, 3955 with German commentary at 1920. (Padazopulos, Greece) 11895 with woman speaking Russian at 1130. (Brossell,)

THAILAND—Radio Thailand/HSK9, 5875 with usual bells IS at 1115, man speaking with English ID, program announcement and more repetitions of the IS. (Valko, PA) 9390-Udorn at *1228 open carrier to gongs at 1230 and open ID, then news sponsored by Royal Thai Airlines. Plug was pulled in mid-sentence. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA) 13745 in English at 0212 with man/woman discussing the U.S. travel ban. (Sellers, BC) 15580 at 0001 with news by woman. (Brossell, WI)

TURKEYVoice of Turkey, 9610 at 2216 with a vocal, schedule in English, ID, into Turkish music before sign off. (Sellers, BC) 6950-Emirler at 0324 with man/woman speaking Spanish, non-stop Turkish music from 240. (D’Angelo, PA)

UNITED STATES—Voice of America-Philippine Relay, 7460 in Korean at 1215. (Brossell, WI) 9510 via Vatican at 0330 in Somali, IDs at 0330, then man/woman reading news headlines. 15690-Lamprtheim at 1800 with news clips and a VOA ID. (Cooper, PA) 9765 via Woofferton at 2021 with a local African song, male announcer in Hausa, several in phone discussion. (Sellers, BC) 15580-Greenville at 2158 with pop number interrupted for ID at 2200, Yankee Doodle to just past 2200*. (Sellers, BC) 17895 via Vatican at 1617 on the Gambia situation. (D’Angelo, PA)
Radio Free Asia via Northern Marianas, 9315 at 1541 with group singing in Tibetan style, male/female announcers alternating, off at 0558. Barely audible CNR-1 jamming came up after sign off. (Taylor, WI) 13830 via Tajikistan with man speaking in Tibetan. (Brossell, WI)
Radio Marti, Greenville, 7405 in Spanish at 2230, announcements, IDs, rooster crows and mentions of “noticas de Cuba.” (Sellers, BC)
Adventist World Radio, 12020 in Mandarin at 1110. (Brossell, WI) 17800 via Meyerton at 1952 with long religious talk in the Fulfulde language, brief instrumental before program close at 1959 and into French. (D’Angelo, PA)
Trans World Radio via Moldova, 7245 at 0330-0345* with religious talk in unidentified language, nice ID and familiar ID at close. Thanks to Dan Robinson for the tip. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA)
WRMI, Miami, 5950 at 0050 with “Jeff White and Wavescan” program, 14770 second harmonic at 0210, 11580 at 2149 with “Friday Blues Radio International” program, 15770 at 2115 with “Calling Angola,” then listing several other countries, including Poland and Switzerland, followed by WRMI ID, then Jeff White in Spanish. (Sellers, BC)
Overcomer Ministry via Bulgaria, 9465 at 2248 with a preacher being interrupted with explanations by Brother Stair. (Taylor, WI)

VATICAN—Vatican Radio, 7360 at 0257 with IS, 0300 sign on with African hymn, IS, program line up. (Sellers, BC)

ZANZIBARZanzibar Broadcasting Corporation, Dole, 6015 at 0334 with woman speaking Swahili. Poor, needed LSB and 2.3 filter. (D’Angelo, FCDX, PA) 11735 at 2030 in Swahili, man speaking Swahili with phone calls and domestic music. (Sellers, BC)

Man hugs, high fives and back slaps to the following who helped out with their reports this time: Harold Sellers, Vernon, BC; Richard D’Angelo, Wyomissing, PA; Rick Barton, El Mirage, AZ; Chris Lobdell, Tewksbury, MA; Richard Parker, KB2DMD, Pennsburg, PA; Robert Brossell, Pewaukee, WI; William Hassig, Mt. Pleasant, IL; John C. Cooper, Lebanon, PA; Ralph Perry, Wheaton, IL; and Mark Taylor, Madison, WI.


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